New Clarkesworld, StarShipSofa & Mythic Delirium Narrations!

I can’t say it enough — I love this job. I love being able to dive into the roots of a story and become the characters within the tale. 

I’ve updated my Podcast/Audio Narration page with the following entries:

Clarkesworld Magazine

Short Story Narration – “From the Lost Diary of TreeFrog7? by Nnedi Okorafor

Mythic Delirium

Poetry Narration – “Genesis” by Holly Dworken Cooley (This is under the Feature Poems section)


Poetry Narration – “Black Holes Hold Thier Breath” by Mike Allen(Episode 81)

Poetry Narration – “Epochs in Exile” by Mike Allen and Charles Saplak (Episode 80)

Short Story Narration – “Standing Room Only” by Karen Joy Fowler (Episode 79)


I’ve got four more stories still to be recorded for both StarShipSofa and If you like what you hear, please continue to support these great Magazines.  As always — thanks for listening! Always feel free to leave comments or drop me a line at kate(at)anaedream(dot)com if you’ve enjoyed a story or would like to query me for voice narration!

Thanks again!

Also — if you are a member of this year’s Worldcon, please consider Clarkesworld Magazine for the 2009 SemiProzine Hugo Award. (It would make me VERY happy).

New Reading For StarShipSofa

I read “Standing Room Only” by Karen Joy Fowler. Go check it out on StarShipSofa!

Aural Delights No 72 Karen Joy Fowler

Editorial: The Sofanauts: The New Show… coming soon! by Tony C Smith 02:50

Poetry: Galaxy In A Matchbox by G O Clark 07:30

Fact: Hyperion II by Fred Himebaugh 08:30

Main Fiction: Standing Room Only by Karen Joy Fowler 22:35

Fact: The Machine Stops by Amy H Sturgis 54:00

New Titles: Madness Of Angles, Escape From Hell, Adamantine Palace, Xenopath 01:11:00

Narrators: Julie Davis, Kate Baker

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