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Clarkesworld Magazine

2014 World Fantasy Award Winner – Special Award Non-Professional (Non-Fiction Editor, Podcast Director)

2014 British Fantasy Award Winner – Best Magazine (Non-Fiction Editor, Podcast Director)

2013 World Fantasy Award Nominee – Special Award Non-Professional (Non-Fiction Editor, Podcast Director)

2012  Hugo Winner – Best Semiprozine – (Podcast Director)

2012 World Fantasy Award Nominee – Special Award Non Professional (Podcast Director)
2011 Hugo Award Winner- Best Semiprozine (Podcast Director)
2010 Parsec Award Nominee – Best Short Story (Peter Watts, “The Things”) 

“One of the greatest things about the Hugo-winning Clarkesworld is that it also publishes a free podcast alongside its Web fiction. Each episode of the podcast includes one short story, which is read out loud by Clarkesworld podcast producer Kate Baker. Her excellent narration and insightful commentary on the stories have made the Clarkesworld podcast my favorite.” Ryan Paul – Arstechnica

2017 Podcasts for Clarkesworld Magazine:

Want more? These podcasts also available via Itunes along with our entire backlist starting back in 2009.  Click here for the link.

“I consider myself a pretty good live narrator, but Kate imbues my words with an undercurrent of regret and desperation that I would never have even considered. I’d have settled for just making my alien protagonist understandable: anthropologically, biologically. Kate makes it sympathetic, Kate makes it downright tragic. Kate takes those exact same words and inflects them somehow to make them hers.”Peter Watts

“Not only will you get great stories from Clarkesworld, but you’ll probably fall a teensy bit in love with Podcast Director/story reader Kate Baker.”– Hilary Goldstein

“You’ll notice I’ve numbered this list, and indeed, if I had to listen to one podcast first, it would be Clarkesworld.  Voiced by the soothing Kate Baker, the Clarkesworld Magazine podcast releases two stories (usually awesome ones) a month.”  Jimmy Rogers- Science is Magic

“I’ve been listening to the sound of a woman’s husky, warm voice for hours over the past few weeks, inviting me to share into her world. Her voice is melodious and captivating. I’ve been listening to Clarkesworld Magazine’s podcasts, and the owner of the voice is Kate Baker.” – Owlrigh

“Kate Baker provides my favorite podcast from Clarkesworld this year, reading “Herding Vegetable Sheep.” I really enjoyed her interpretations of the rhythms in Sedia’s prose, and the subtle voice characterization.” – Alvaro Zinos-Amaro – The Fix

“As a writer, it’s an easier way for me to disengage the critical brain, and have an emotional reaction to story. That is, after all, a big part of why I read and write. To feel. Yesterday I discovered a new story by a new writer I’d never heard of (Paper Cradle by Stephen Gaskell, read by Kate Baker, available at Clarkesworld) which made me cry. – Brenda Cooper

“Kate Baker’s reading of the story is impressive. Aside from all the sound effects, Baker draws out the emotion from the protagonist, whether it’s genuinely moaning in pain to sharing her frustration with her husband.” (Review of “From the Lost Diary of TreeFrog7 by Nnedi Okorafor)  -Charles Tan – Bibliophile Stalker

 The Dark Magazine

Cast of Wonders

  • “A Song for the Season” – Eliza Hirsch
  • “Camp Myth”
  • “Sundae” by Matt Wallace


Beneath Ceaseless Skies

The Drabblecast

Escape Pod

Mash Stories

  • “The Dentist’s Chair” by Michael E A Lions
  • “Colonial Dentistry” by Bryan Lawver
  • “(Un)Happy Things” by Ellie Reese
  • “It Takes A lot to Make Me Smile” by Helen Musto
  • “Power” by Ros Collins
  • “Dark Blue” by Rebecca Strong
  • “A Catty Confession” by Lynee Bronstein

Author S.E. Sever

  • “The White Clinic”
  • “Kuiper Court”

The Shine Anthology – A novel of optimistic science fiction edited by Jetse deVries


These podcasts also available via Itunes. Click here for the link.

Mythic Delirium

  • Poetry Narration – “Genesis” by Holly Dworken Cooley.
  • Poetry Narration – “Last One Laments” by Lindsey Nair
  • Poetry Narration – “Other Fires” by Constance Cooper
  • Poetry Narration – “The Ones Who Met Them” by Ann K. Schwader

These poems can be found under the “Featured Poems” link on the Mythic Delirium Website.

Fantasy Magazine

  • Short story narration – “Superhero Girl” by Jessica J. Lee (This was included on a promotional audio CD given away at ReaderCon.)

Lee Stephen – Author of the Epic Series of Novels

  • Podcast An excerpt from Chapters 0 &1 from Dawn of Destiny
  • PodcastAn excerpt from Chapter 9 from Dawn of Destiny
  • PodcastAn excerpt from Chapter 13 from Dawn of Destiny
  • PodcastAn excerpt from Book 2 – Outlaw Trigger
  • PodcastAn excerpt from Book 3 – Hero

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