Original Instrumentals and Vocals – Right click on each link, “save link as” and download each file for personal use only.

Songs used in the Clarkesworld Podcast

Vocal Sessions

Album: A Little Bit of This & A Little Bit of That

Album: Sweet Peas and Daisies

Album: Deception is Blue

“Why Don’t You Love Me – Vocal Mix” – music by John Scalzi, lyrics and vocals done by Kate Baker

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**All rights reserved by Kate Baker. I don’t mind if you use these songs on projects in which you don’t make any money. As long as you attribute the songs back to me and link to my site, we are cool. If I find out you are selling or distributing for trade, monetary gain, or pretty shiny things, I will have your ass in court. If you would like to use my works for commercial gain, please contact me at kate(at)anaedream(dot)com, and I’m sure we can come to a financial arrangement that will benefit us both.

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