Joe Lieberman Is a F’in Snake.

I am actually grateful that the Gore ticket was overthrown by the courts in 2000, and not for the reasons that Republicans would herald.

Joe Lieberman is a snake. Taking a page out of the diary belonging to King Henry the Eighth, Joe lost the democratic primary for the senate seat in Connecticut, so he changed the rules. He shit on all the voters and ran as an Independent Democrat.


He ended up winning anyway, and is now a tool of the senate to swing votes. Some may defend and offer that he played the game of politics and came out the victor, but if you change the fundamental rules halfway through a hand, are you playing the same game?

“No, Kate, you can’t pass go anymore. You just fucking can’t. I don’t care what you think. I know you wanted to play the game fairly, but you were winning…”

Now he’s sounding more and more like a Republican especially on Meet the Press. My stomach rolled at his responses, while I think John Kerry was muttering epithets under his breath while not on camera. I’m actually curious if Lieberman is coming to McCain’s defense because he’s bitter having failed his own Democratic Presidential bid, or perhaps he’s finally realized that running under the party name, “Connecticut for Lieberman” made him a glorified whore of the US Senate.

I don’t trust him.

Some news articles suggest that he’s maneuvering to be considered for the Republican veep ticket and this cozying up to the Republican party confirms it. I hope McCain chooses him, I think it would finally sink the party after the very liberal media rips Lieberman apart and exposes him as the cheat he really is.

The guy has more flip-flops than a public beach in summer.

Slither slither goes the snake.

Oh Luda, Luda, Luda…

I’d like to thank you in advance for ruining any shot Obama had at getting into the White House. Once the Republican party gets done with this song, not to mention all the other Democrats who still hold a torch for Hillary, (who just incidentally asked for campaign contributions to help support Barack), I hope you enjoy lunching with Reverend Jeremiah Wright in political exile. Something tells me, you won’t be Obama’s favorite rapper when this gets widespread attention.

Not a very smart move just four months from the election. Don’t get me wrong here; I fully support the “get out and vote” message to the black community. It’s the Hilary’s an “irrelevant bitch”, and my personal favorite; “McCain don’t belong in any chair unless he paralyzed” that made me vomit.

If that’s the kind of message that gets African Americans to the polls this November, our country is beyond anything that any candidate can offer come November.

Update: Obama camp reacts.

Times When I’m Not Proud to Be An American.

This is just disgusting and needs to be rectified immediately. How can we expect the men and women to lay down their lives for this country when they are forced to live in such deplorable conditions upon their return?  I want to vomit. Write your congressman, hell, write the President who signs each order to send these heroes off to war, and let them know how mad this makes you.


Furthermore, Bill never really cheated on me…

I really hate talking bad about her. I also hate it when others do, but come on! She was the friggen First Lady arriving in Bosnia with her daughter! Did she not think this was going to be in some news archive they wouldn’t find after she made those comments?

I thought she was smarter than that, and frankly it’s almost like writing your own autobiography about events that never happened. We’ve all seen what has happened in those cases.

Yeah, I know politicians lie. This however, is so blatant its hard for me to take her seriously. If you’re going to hoodwink the people of the US, try to do it inconspicuously. I had respect for the woman, but now I am not so sure.

SFWA VOTE: Mary Robinette-Kowal

I realize I’m not in SFWA, and at this rate, I will probably never be, but never-the-less, if you are a member of this organization, please consider Ms. Kowal for Secretary in the up and coming elections!

By clicking on her banner, you will be directed to a post on her site, describing her reasons for running.

Edit: I can’t believe I left up SWFA for the longest time. I truly get the copy-editors award for sheer dumbassery. I am so sorry, Mary!

The Power of Words….

Although Super Tuesday is upon us, and the candidates are continuing to stump until the wee hours of the morning for those extra votes, I’ve been steadily sitting on the fence. Even though I’m a registered independent and I am unable to vote in the state’s primary, I still have a choice. There are ways to support a candidate other than voting in a closed primary, even if I’m going to continue to “vote my conscience.”

I’ve been teetering towards Hillary and then swaying back towards Obama in the past few months. Edwards was even a possibility until he removed himself from the race. Until now, I knew not who I’d be supporting, but was utterly convinced that any Democratic candidate would do a better job than the Republicans can or have done in the prior administrations.

Steadfast in my apathy, I thought I would not, nor could not, be moved by motivational speeches. I thought drilled-in cynicism had finally killed any hope that I had left. I would sit in my mental and solid safe haven, away from the politics of fear and distrust and from a distance, I would stubbornly repeat; “Mere words can not move me!” Just as they can not move mountains.

I was wrong.

I may not have been around in the days of MLK or JFK, or any other leader who offered useful tools of inspiration to heal a nation. Lord knows they have been few. Yet, any leader who instills a people to believe, to utter a rally cry, to take up their only weapon, even if it’s just one vote, against any instrument of tyranny and oppression is worthy of my support.

For the first time in a very long time…

…I hope.

…I am inspired.

…Yes, we can.

No matter who you support in the coming primaries or the general election, make sure he or she, inspires you. There is no more room for apathy.

Handshakes and Promises

So as I was driving to work yesterday, my mother calls. “Kate, guess where I am?”


“The Hillary Clinton rally in Hartford! We’ve got some great seats. Right behind her! Look for me on TV!”

Rolling my eyes and chuckling, I was sure she was over exaggerating. When I got to work, I watched the stump speech and sure enough, not even 20 feet behind Senator Clinton was the floating head of my mother. It was surreal.

In her own words:

Just wanted to send a few pics i took today in Hartford Ct. I actually met, shook hands with and had a small dialogue with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I was seated about 20 feet behind Sen Clinton, and had a birds eye view of her and the workings of the Secret Service.

She is an amazing woman. Except for a voice hoarse from rigors of campaigning, she was warm and engaging and quite a pretty woman; far softer than she looks like (sic) on TV.

I told, (more like shouted) to her,  “We need to restore our country to its greatness and I hope that you will help to do this if elected!”

She caught my eye, reached up to me over a crush of other people, gave me a firm handshake and simply said in a most sincere and serious way( a vow, really) “I WILL!!!”

I was stunned and somehow still find this unbelievable, that I possibly have just met and had a few words with the next leader of the free world.Here are the pics as promised. I have also included a link to a video of her speech. I am seated behind her under directly under the sign. I  am in a burgundy shirt to the left. (OF COURSE!)


Below – Mom is the one right next to the A on the blue AMERICA sign.


We are Legion…

“We do not forgive, we do not forget…

Expect us.”

Hackers have declared war on the Church of Scientology. The video is really creepy, but then again, its target is too. While I’ll keep my thoughts on the religion to myself, I can’t help but watch this video and just get a really ominous feeling. It’s like something out of “The Matrix” or a…science fiction book.

Ideal Theoretical Candidate

So I took one of those handy-dandy, questionnaires that help you decide on a new President. Apparently no candidate is fully aligned with my political thinking. The closest in the race to win my vote, ironically enough was Obama with 71 percent of the same ideals. John Edwards and Hillary Clinton came in a close third and fourth only after Chris Dodd (who has now dropped from the race).

You’ll be happy to know that my number 1 choice was ‘Ideal Theoretical Candidate’. Let’s examine that for a minute, shall we? It’s nice to know that I don’t fit any particular political mold, and that ultimately, I’m a free thinker. It’s a comfort to know that for all the years I’ve been registered as an Independent, I’m not just blowing smoke up people’s ass when I tell them that I vote according to my conscience.

I’ve been wary of Mr. Obama for the simple reason that he’s riding the emotional wave inspired by greats  such as Martin Luther King, and John F. Kennedy. I don’t want another Martin Luther King. I don’t want another JFK, I want someone who is going to be their own man/woman and stand up for the beliefs he/she finds important. When it comes down to it, speeches are just words on a piece of paper. I need someone to show me that change is really possible.

When Obama starts acting like Obama, then perhaps I’ll start listening, but to wage a war on nostalgia, really tends to tick me off. We need someone to fight for today, not play on the dreams of yesteryear.

I do not heart Huckabee

Huckabee says he’ll close the border to Mexico should he be elected President next November. He’ll build a fence by 2010, install video cameras and exterminate the lottery program that gave preference to brothers and sisters already in the country.

Wow, that just gave me chills. I could have sworn they got rid of the Berlin Wall about 26 years ago. The only thing that’s missing from the construction of our new fence and this plan, is concrete. Yes, I know that I’ll get emails complaining that its not like we’re separating Washington D.C. from the rest of the country, but this fence has the same symbolism as a Berlin Wall built in 1961, and the Great Wall of China. It’s main purpose is to keep people from gaining access to the other side.

We will patrol the border and use live video surveillance to secure our land from those dirty banditos. Come on. While you’re building the fence, Mr. Huckabee, why don’t you just tear down the Statue of Liberty while you’re at it. I’m sure some of her metal works can be quite useful in construction.

I am a grandchild of immigrants. My grandfather’s name is recorded in Ellis Island. While he may of obtained his citizenship legally, we’re so focused on subversive techniques to quell illegal immigration that we’re doing nothing to fix the process of welcoming new people into this country. Why don’t we create more jobs to help the flow of documentation that is backlogged years with the money we’d be using to build the fence and maintain patrols?

You often hear the argument that Mexicans are stealing the jobs of legitimate American workers. Well if you’re a believer in that line of thinking; tell me, do you want to go pick crops? How about swelter in over 100 degree temperatures picking cotton or tobacco? A good majority of harvesting is done by illegal immigrants. I don’t think anyone has measured the detriment to the agricultural industry should we stop the flow from Mexico. They have the jobs they do, because no one here wanted them.

Instead, why can’t we offer something like this: (and honestly, I am amazed no one has even suggested anything close,as it will kill two birds with one stone)

Institute a conscription for illegals.

At first, the US will want to offer amnesty. Anyone who comes forward and signs up to be a US citizen, will be enlisted in the military for a period of not more than 2 years. It will give them an opportunity to fight for a country that is giving them the means to succeed. If they agree to serve, their family is also welcome and any male or female sibling/relative over the age of 18 should they decide to cross, would also serve.

Once they are done with their 2 years, they are handed discharge papers or in some cases commission and citizenship. They will be legal and entitled to franchise.

Those who are caught after the initial amnesty offering would have a choice: 5 years in the military or deportation. Any subsequent captures would result in imprisonment and deportation.

By offering these alternatives, you not only fill the gaping hole in the military force, but you create an atmosphere where we are accepting of true hard working people that are willing to fight for their country.

If we put half the time, energy and money into fixing the broken naturalization and immigration system, there would be no more fence talk and for the first time in a long time, the US will be recognized as the caring and open nation for which our Lady Liberty lights the way.