Does Nancy Pelosi Come With A Money Back Guarantee?

Because I would have called for my RMA a while ago and I would have had the distributor pay the shipping costs.

Let me make something perfectly clear.  I am not a Republican. Nor am I a Democrat. I am a law-abiding, tax-paying, middle-class citizen who votes according to her conscience. I guess most people would consider that an Independent these days. I’m a mix of Libertarian and Centrist. You know, someone who values rights and liberty while being fair and just to as many people as she can.

Part of what I do in a full time/day job capacity is plan out meetings and logistics. I’m pretty good at if I say so myself. In fact, I am currently getting contracts together for a customer event in Miami. You would think having an event in such a high profile place would be really expensive. However, with some careful consideration and just a little bit of effective persuasion and forethought, you’ll find people are willing to work with you on budgetary management.

So it actually makes me wonder how in the world the Pelosi delegation to the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit was charged $734.00 per room/per night? I’m am also confused how they were exorbitantly screwed up the ass by a hotel chain who charged a minimum six night stay for two nights of use? $4046.00 was spent for two nights/per person at the Copenhagen Marriott 5-star hotel. The total bill for the 60 member delegation ended up being around ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Why were family members and spouses were treated to lavish meals on my dime? (I don’t particularly give a crap they got their air tickets and hotel charges “thrown in”.)

Why in the name of climate change control, were they allowed to leave a trail of carbon footprints from the US to Denmark with nothing to show for it except some Botox smiles and waves?

Did I suddenly enter into crazy town or does this actually make no sense to reasonable folk?

I can’t describe how incredibly angry I am about this. I know tons of social programs that would kill for half of that money to keep their doors open or hire just a few more staff to take the pressure off overworked employees. What hurts the most is that this is ultimately coming out of every hard working American’s pocket. What makes me even more incensed is that Obama is starting a spending freeze on certain programs in order to play Robin Hood to the middle class. Why not start where the spending is the most egregious and abused? Why not start with a woman who has seemingly lost touch with what the word “frugal” means in a fragile economy.

I don’t think Pelosi gets the fact that she pulled the same bullshit the corporate CEO’s did back when they flew to Washington in private jets to ask for bailout money. I don’t think she gets that people are out of work. I don’t think she gets or cares that we continue to raise the debt limit and whore ourselves out to countries like China because we can’t afford our own system of government. It’s okay though — it will be years before our children’s children must speak Chinese in the classroom. If she did “get it” and did care, she wouldn’t be avoiding reporters questions on the lavish expense report she filed.

Government waste is nothing new. I realize this fact. As my anger subsides, sadness overwhelms me. I feel sorry for Nancy and this clueless delegation for the simple fact that they have no idea what it means to live in the real world. In my real world, people are starving, out of work and aching for a government who does what they promise. So far, I see nothing but crumbling pie crusts.

Children Have Better Control When Watching The President

Just think, hundreds of thousands of children (even the ones raised by Republicans) probably didn’t shout out at the President of the United States while he spoke to them on Tuesday. They apparently have better self control.

I am not faulting the man for having disagreements. If everyone got along, we’d have my ideal Katetopia and I would be extremely happy. Once we toss this impossible reality aside, it’s not exactly unheard of to argue with people. They aren’t called “hot-button” topics for nothing.

Yet, what Joe Wilson fails to understand is that there is a time and a place. We are not England. We don’t have MP’s who vocally disagree with their leaders during session. We have always tried to be a courteous state in debate. When it comes to public discourse, there have been the very rare occasions where proper decorum does not win out. In those exceptional moments, like the one last night — most people are horrified at the lack of disrespect.

Which brings me to my next point. As I read the article this morning on CNN, I am always amused at the people who find this type of thing acceptable. There were attributed quotes to people who gave credit to Joe Wilson for his courage to interrupt the President as he had the floor. I’m sorry, but it’s these morons who find uncivilized behavior acceptable that should really be forced to take a class in manners and proper debate.

Unless you are a newbie to the whole “grown up” talking thing, it should not be surprising that even the most heated debates are structured. The speech the President gave wasn’t a town forum. There was no question and answer session at the end. There was no reason for this heckling to take place unless of course it was as suggested by some, preplanned. In that event, it would behoove Joe Wilson to just resign now. I don’t care how angry this health care reform bickering makes anyone. The basic rules of arguing simply state that once you’ve lost your calm, you’ve lost your case.

 If Joe Wilson wanted the attention of crazies, he certainly achieved it. I won’t be surprised if he’s hailed by every right wing talk show host for sticking it to the emerging socialist regime. If that is what he wanted, he placed his name and life long political ambitions in jeopardy. It’s quoted in that CNN article that more than $40,000 was donated to his political opponent in the hours after the incident. 

If his apology was indeed genuine (I’m tending to believe it wasn’t) and he wanted something more, I would respectfully ascertain that he lost all his credibility in two simple words. I didn’t know Joe Wilson before this, and it’s quite sad that I do now; and not from what he built or diligently fought for in his career, but for what he destroyed in seconds in front of the world.

The Era of Disrespect and the Business of News

I hate to follow up all of the fluff posts on this blog with something so dark, but I sit here absolutely compelled to write about this. I arrived home this evening and did my usual search of the news. As I scrolled through, a story caught my eye. I am not going to mention the title or the news site, only because it serves to prove a point.

Today, September 4th, against the wishes of a father who recently lost his son, the Associated Press published a photo of a brave Marine’s last moments. This wasn’t a flag draped coffin. This picture depicts a man who has lost both of his legs, is bleeding out, and being dragged away by members of his squad.

I don’t care what your political leanings are regarding this ongoing war in Afghanistan. There are some things that should remain sacred. This Marine’s father watched his son volunteer to protect this country. How awful that the last image he has to remember him by is gruesome and the stuff made of nightmares. Any parent would be devastated to know their son died bravely. To add salt to the wound by publicly offering up such a horrid last moment is depraved and ultimately unjust.

If I were a betting woman, this is what happened:

As the AP was neatly wrapping up these photos with the word, “EMBARGO”, stamped on the front, some greedy bastard was licking his/her lips at the amount of hits and controversy these pictures would cause. Oh so clever, he/she prepares a bullshit, CYOA excuse if general reaction gets out of hand.

As I briefly discussed this with a good friend, he mentioned being torn. Sympathy for the family who lost their son vs. dealing with wars too easy for the American public.

I am sorry, but for me, there is no question in my mind that sympathy and respect for the family wins that argument every single time.

This Marine was a volunteer.  This Marine was fighting for you and for me. This Marine died for his country.

 The AP essentially wiped their ass with any thought of handling this in a professional and respectful way and then passed out the shit stained document like it was caviar.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that as a country, with the recent exception of 9/11, we are relatively sheltered. We don’t seem to care about fighting or deaths unless it’s happening on our own soil. When news of casualties both innocent and coalition are reduced to footnotes on news broadcasts, only to be followed by a news story that flip- flops are out to kill you, its no wonder people have tuned out.

This isn’t an easy war. If newspapers and networks weren’t balancing budgets by playing the fear game, news would be news again. Instead, this war and probably any future war takes the back seat until spectacular and gruesome images just happen to be caught on film. Then we remember. Scratch that, then we are forced to remember.

If anything, the AP is counting on both sides of the political spectrum to attach themselves to this controversy. The AP is also counting on the darker side of human nature as well, hoping that as the story gains momentum, it will bring visitors to sites carrying the picture if only to sate morbid curiosity.

However, and I’m hoping there are more out there like me, who will be appalled that any semblance  of conscience has finally left our news agencies so eager to make a buck and win pretentious awards.

There is always a heavy cost to any war being fought. The war in Afghanistan is no different. The AP had the decision to run a story without the photo and to most of us, the ones who do care, it would have mattered. Just like it would have mattered to a devastated father and mother.

And the only reason it matters now is because this picture is nothing but propaganda and dollar signs.

Rest in peace, Lance Cpl. Joshua M. Bernard. Truly, a most sincerest thank you for fighting and making the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

I Reject Your Virtual Reality…

According to this article in The Escapist, virtual protests are cropping up everywhere from Second Life to World of Warcraft. Imagine my surprise when one of my hobbies was included in that list; the first person shooter, Counterstrike. While I applaud certain people for fighting for noble causes, I can’t express how annoyed I am at the same time. I paid $49.99 for the Orange Box. I pay a monthly fee for Internet access and I would like to use my valuable free time in a manner where I don’t feel like I’m being harassed. 

A good societal obliging woman like myself should be able to shoot the heads off of pixelated terrorists or zombies without having a peace sign shoved up my ass. 

Granted, I have yet to experience these protests online. Yet, should the experience occur, only two things will happen while these avatars lay down in the shape of heart or spam the channels with their hippie love fest. I will knife and/or shoot them and then I will teabag their dead and bleeding corpses. See, I don’t care about your agenda when I’m trying to blow off some steam.  That’s the thing isn’t it? I’m a productive member of society who finds ills and abuses just as sick and twisted as the next girl. I donate to charities and I’ve done a little marching myself in younger days. Yet, when I’m starting up a favorite video game to escape the crap that is happening on both a personal and global level, I don’t care to be reminded of anything outside my little four foot space. I am happy in my comfy chair, with  heavy beats thumping through my headphones and a large cache of weapons with which I can do substantial damage. This is my time.

I hate to say it, but I place these people on the same level as the jerkoffs who cheat and make any gaming experience miserable by not playing by the rules. Even in the chaos of staking out Pete for example and jamming a knife through his prone body, there are rules that one needs to follow in the gaming world. Even so, this new teamwork we’re seeing in the form of protests has no business interfering with the land of make believe. 

Didn’t these men and women learn anything from their childhoods? We must be able to seperate the world of fiction and fantasy from real life if only to maintain our sanity. As the lines between the real world and gaming continue to be blurred by people with their own agendas, I guess my definition of terrorist does too.

Thoughts on Arlen Specter

This does not settle well with me and I’m pretty middle of the road when it comes to leanings.

I know I try to remain ignorant of everyday politicking, but this irks me just as it did with Lieberman. In Lieberman’s case, he couldn’t win the democratic nomination in CT, so instead of giving up, he thumbed his nose at the system, shook the gaming board and changed the rules. How can you justifiably face a constituency when you’ve been running on a different platform for your entire political career? Who buys that gold covered shit? Apparently the citizens of CT own stock in the BS business.

I’m convinced that while people happily partake in their franchise, a good portion of those dutiful citizens hold no clue about the person for whom they are voting. If the name sounds familiar, especially in small state races, there beside the recognizable  goes the  mark.

Idly I  wonder how many people given the chance could have made the government better, instead of leaving it to the current arrogant boys club. (Yes, Christopher Dodd, I mean you.)

It’s the  same thing with Specter. He spent his life as a Republican–how can he possibly justify throwing everything out on the premature fear that he won’t have a job next election. Maybe he should have looked at what he could have been doing differently to help his chances instead of hopping the fence.

Party switching in mid-term should never, ever be allowed. If a member of Congress decides his party is no longer his cup of tea,  I would like to see him drop his seat.  He must then designate his new party and run in an expedient election. Sure, this would cause the tax payers more money, but I would be pissed had I voted for a Republican only to have the winner play leap frog with his/her political leanings. IMO, a special election would be far more useful than the one million dollars we’re spending on improving the entrance to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum (who incidentally have millions of dollars in an account.) — (Thanks, Jesse for that lovely tidbit).

Honestly though, even if Franken is seated in MN, I think it’ll be a rare case where the Democrats actually have need to break a filibuster. This Democratic controlled congress has had trouble getting anything done in the past–why start now? It also means that the Democrats will need to unite for a common cause, and it’s pretty clear Nancy Pelosi has the rallying and people skills most commonly associated with the Pangolin. Not to mention that not all Democrats think alike–hell, some of them are sheep in wolves’ clothing.

Next Time, Carve “Dumbass” Into Your Forehead

…but make sure you’re not looking into a mirror while you do it.

Me this morning to Pete: This Ashley Todd thing was totally staged.

Pete: Don’t get all conspiracy on this poor girl.

Me: I like how the ‘b’ is backwards, btw 😉

This afternoon, it was an admitted lie. There was something about the picture that struck me as odd. There is almost a half smile on her face. The artfully crafted and backwards ‘b’ not withstanding, she looks far too sedate after such a brutal attack. Also, if someone just got done carving initials into your face, why on Earth would you refuse medical treatment? Do you happen to like scarring or dirty blunt instruments digging through your skin?

I hope that ‘b’ stays with her for a very very long time in therapy.

P.S. Welcome CNN readers who have come here via the blog link. I’ve had a ton of hits so far, so thanks for reading. Feel free to look around the rest of the site and btw, be nice when you comment. I will break out the bat of moderation if you do not remain civil. 😉

The Palin SNL Rap

I only saw Palin’s opener, so this was pretty funny in hindsight. I still can’t believe they got away with saying half the stuff they did, but this was just awesome work on Amy’s part. (who incidentally, looks like she’s ready to pop at any moment.)

Not a Liberal Nor Conservative…

In response to why I’m still fence sitting on Scalzi’s ‘Whatever’, I figured I would post this for all of you who read here. Take what you want and leave the rest, but don’t ever label me as a liberal or a conservative. I might just bite off your head.

1.) I don’t think banning guns is a good idea. For all the lawful people who would turn them in, the criminals would still have them and still be able to get them through black markets, which would leave all those law abiding citizens unable to protect themselves. An armed society is a polite society and protects against a tyrannical government.

2.) I don’t believe the government should have any power over a woman’s body. Yet, personally, I am pro-life.

3.) I do not believe in big government.

4.) I do not believe in raising taxes when poor and middle-income families are hurting! When we stop paying exorbitant amounts of money for toilet seats and hammers, perhaps we won’t need to pull money from already broke tax payers to fund social and war programs.

5.) While I want to help the environment, I do not subscribe to the ‘end of days’ hysteria that is currently hitting both the psyche and appropriately, the market.

6.) I think it’s asinine to negotiate with terrorists. They are terrorists. Diplomacy only works when there is rational thinking involved, and no matter to whom you speak, terrorists have already crossed the border into crazy town. Go ahead and discuss nuclear aspirations with Kim Jong Il over a nice round of 18 “hole-in-one” golf and see how far it gets you.

7.) Like it or not, we are committed to Iraq. I don’t care if you were for it or against it, but we are there, and to withdraw without a stable infrastructure would put everyone in danger.

8.) I am infuriated over big-oil. Any corporation which makes over $1000.00 a minute while people suffer needs to be regulated. No CEO will ever convince me otherwise.

9.) I believe in the death penalty for certain crimes if only convicted through DNA evidence.

10.) I believe in stem cell research.

11.) I am wary of allowing cloning.

12.) I believe we should be pumping as much money into the space program as we possibly can without sacrificing social programs.

13.) The government should have no bearing over what happens in our bedrooms.

14.) The government should, however, fight for any citizen to have equal rights if they are a productive member of society and pay taxes, regardless of race, gender, or sexual preference.

15.) We should take care of our veterans and their families. Conditions in VA homes and hospitals and even barracks are deplorable.

16.) As I don’t believe in paying for something that doesn’t complete a job, Congress and the House must set reasonable goals each term. Seriously, had this been a corporation and I the CEO, I would have fired everyone of those lazy bastards for taking vacation while nothing was done.

I am VERY middle of the road here. The McCain/Palin ticket work for my stances on gun control, !terrorist negotiations, !tax increases, and the death penalty.

The Obama/Biden ticket works for equal rights, stem-cell research, tighter control on big corporations, and social programs.

No one has really given me an answer on Iraq, the space program, environmental issues and cloning that I really care for, so hence my hesitation.

I hope this demonstrates why I’m sitting on the fence, here. I don’t really want to debate my stances, because frankly, I really want to get to my kids and play with them tonight. I’d be happy to discuss it further over e-mail or on my site for where I will be posting this reply to stimulate further crucifixion discussion.

Did I mention I hate politics yet?

From Here On Out…

The word, “change” uttered by any politician will hereby replaced with the word, “squash”.

Obama’s slogan will now be, “Squash we can believe in!”

McCain is now fighting for squash as well with Palin by his side!

The headline on will now read: “McCain, Obama campaigns grapple for squash!”

Not only is it more entertaining, but I really like the mental image it provides.

Anyone else sick of the word ‘change’ yet? Yes, we all want it, and frankly anything will be better than this lame duck administration. Everyone is going to get their wish on a mere technicality. What is not George Bush, would be different. 😉

Lighting The Fires & Preparing for Battle

It’s amazing how much attention you get when you reveal your love for change and hope has died in the current political climate. I am so angry right now that I am seriously considering voting McCain and Palin come November.

I certainly understand it is the nature of the political beasts to fight over the largest prize in the free-world. Yet something makes me pause when those so loyal to the ideas of hope and change wield their sharp and bloody swords and take aim at a candidate.

Yes, this has everything to do with Sarah Palin. While I thought it a brilliant stroke of genius by the McCain camp to vett and ultimately choose a woman as a veep, I was prepared for the slaughter once the announcement had been made.

I just didn’t think it would be the kind of brutal hunt and slaying that the liberals have managed to push while they hold their signs of hope and change. Frothing at the mouth and uttering epithets tend to lose you credibility in an argument.

It wasn’t just the child controversy plaguing Ms. Palin, but the blatant disregard of delegates as they were attacked while walking to the RNC. Angry protesters pushed men and women from Connecticut to the ground as they tried to exit their bus. The linked article above also mentions other issues popping up at the RNC.

What ridiculous and inexcusable behavior. I am actually embarrassed to associate myself with this camp right now. Once my temper cools, and I am soothed by the bard with the silver tongue, perhaps I will once again stand in Obama’s shadow and pull that lever.

Yet, right now the veil is gone. The sweet words and melodies that echoed hope, change and dreams once remembered in Martin Luther King speeches and John F. Kennedy rallies, are washed away by the injustices of the people who hold bloody Democratic banners in the call for political annihilation.

The people of this country have every right to be angry with how they’ve been treated by the current administration, of course. I feel your pain. Take your anger to the voting booth and vote for the person who best serves your ideals, but leave the childish and unforgivable bickering and bullying out of the equation.

Grow up.