To Clarify My Last Post…

****This will contain spoilers for “Battlestar Galatica”, so don’t read if you aren’t up to date on the show. ****

In the comment thread of my “I Hate Ron Moore” post, Vince asks me why I currently hate the man responsible for one of the best shows on television. I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on why last night was so disappointing, so with a deep breath to control my rage, here we go.

I’ve been on board BSG since the very beginning. I’ve seen friends and enemies alike air-locked, or killed in senseless battles and accidents. I’ve been Admiral Adama’s personal assistant and have watched him grow in both stature and wisdom only to see every strand of strength whittled away in the brief moments of deeply personal betrayal. I’ve stood next to Caprica Six as she’s talked and fucked a deranged and selfish Gaius Baltar. I’ve shared in the disbelief and wholly disturbing personal secrets of Col. Tigh, Anders, Tori and Chief. I too was shut away with D’Anna and let fear rule my decisions when I was “unboxed”. I’ve felt the intense passion that guides Leoben and the frustration and curiosity that make Kara Thrace. I’ve also counselled and questioned every decision Laura Roslin has made since the initial destruction of the 12 colonies.

I am a part of each person, each crew, each cylon and have been from the very beginning.

With all that said, you can imagine my joy, relief and disbelief when Felix Gaeda exclaimed that the constellations were a match. You can imagine the tears of those overwhelming emotions flowing like a cleansing river when Admiral Adama confirmed we had found our new home. I danced in jubilation with Lee in the CIC. I hugged my comrades in the hangar bay, and I wept with those who have lost so much and for the first time in years have had something for which to hope.

Yet the moment I bent down and held the soil in my hands with Adama, and heard the familiar tick of an active Geiger counter, was the moment my hope turned into rage and despair. Couple this with the fact that I am now frozen in time for an unknown period until the forces that be decide I can continue the rest of our journey, and well, it makes for a pretty pissed-off Kate.

I understand the need for dystopia when creating a show or writing a novel. Yet, if you are like me, you have invested yourself in watching, debating and discussing this show. With those countless hours, entitlement arises that you are owed a payoff for your efforts. You should be allowed to experience the most precious of human emotions; hope. 

Apparently, Ronald Moore believes otherwise. I feel ultimately betrayed in that despite the relevant social and economic issues the writers have sprinkled throughout the seasons, they found it necessary to remind us that we are hell bent on destruction no matter how much we try and redeem ourselves.

We are destructive. We’ve known this from the very beginning. We know this as we read our daily news and surf our internet.  I don’t see why it was necessary to offer another glimpse into what looked like nuclear holocaust when it was exactly what we were running from years ago.

So yeah Ron, would you kindly go fuck yourself. I wanted to hold onto my happy ending as long as possible and just as you took families and homes away from my friends and foes alike, you took the only driving force capable of bringing us back from the brink.

Right now, my hope is gone as I sit upon my Earth and look out upon a wasteland I so desperately wanted to call home.

Part of me is relieved the series isn’t over just yet, but part of me dreads where this will lead all of us in the year to come.


Ron Moore Irks Me

***Warning: Contains Spoilers from this season’s “Battlestar Galatica”. ***

I have suddenly realized why I turn off the TV at 11:00 p.m EST every Friday night, perplexed, angry, crying and sad. Ronald Moore has taken my hand and together we lead a very slow funeral procession. I have experienced every single emotion while watching the show this season and as time has gone by and each episode ends, it has not gotten any easier to bare the weight of these feelings.

I can not fault the actors for their powerful performances. Especially Chief and Roslin. Leoben is also extremely believable and even though every part of my body wants to run, I can’t help but be drawn into his charismatic drive to believe in something greater than himself.

As I grow older, the beat of my own heart grows louder as I am faced with my own mortality. I used to laugh at 30-somethings who would converse about death and worry about the end of their existence. I was too busy living in the moment to even contemplate such wary and depressing things. Yet, I glance at my children and then to my father who has stared death in the face a few times in his short life and I start to grow paranoid of my own fragility.

Ronald Moore knows his audience.

Every Friday, he bombards us with questions of faith, sometimes harsh exploration of belief and it is all done very convincingly. This season has been extremely hard for me to watch, and not because I know the series ends after X episodes. It’s because when I look at Cheif Tyrol reacting to major life changing events, or Laura Roslin dealing with her crisis of faith in the face of death, or even Kara Thrace, so uncomfortable in what should be familiarity; there is resonance. There are moments when my heart beats so fiercely in my chest as I see myself wholeheartedly responding the same way, challenging the same things and facing the sometimes horrifying realizations in life and my eventual death.

I dread the last episode, I really do. Part of me wants the happy ending, but one of the reasons I fell in love with BSG was because of its true-to-life tangents. I could relate to these flawed humans and cylons alike.

If the humans do make it to Earth, (which apparently is already mixed with Cylons as we learned from tonight’s episode) I do not see a fairytale ending. Although, I will be thankful for a show that actually made me think about things and who’s writers weren’t afraid to journey across any sacred and politically correct border.

The Cylon Shooter

I have a very strong objection to Liche extract, as it makes me gag. It’s one of two things that will make me want to hurl, and I’m not telling you the other.


When sharing this video with my friend, Ed, he stated: “she is making the ‘he didn’t get out of my mouth in time’ face”….


All of this has happened before…

…and will happen again.

Apparently, I’m a cylon. I’ve always had the gut feeling there were multiple doppelgangers out there pretending to be me. Yet today, it’s been confirmed.

Speaking of cylons, tonight is the season premier of Battlestar Galactica. To celebrate, the Sci-fi Channel played season 1-3 in 10 hour blocks all week. It was a great way to catch up with the characters, and see how the series has progressed. It has also given us a break from the bad movies that the TV station is fond of showing.

My initial thoughts: (contains spoilers)

I don’t think Kara Thrace died. I think she went through a worm hole. It would make sense to me that while Lee saw her space ship disintegrate, what’s to say he wasn’t having visions just as Kara supposedly did?

I don’t think she’s a cylon either.

I don’t think the final four cylons that were revealed at the end of last season are actually cylons. I think they are pawns in this ever growing game. If you think about their relative positions within the fleet, screwing with their heads would throw a rather large wrench in the every day operations of the Galatica.

I think there will be another reveal and it will be the plot twist in the middle of the season.

I could be full of shit, but we’ve seen Moore screw with his viewers before. The title of this post pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

You think about it.

Update: 10:13 p.m — Okay, uh. Wow. I guess I was wrong about them being Cylons. 😉
Update 10:48 p.m. — Well, there hasn’t been a final revelation, but I will tell you that it’s been ages since I’ve felt desperation like this with the series. Every single moment is heart wrenching, especially watching Baltar pray over the sick child. He just went up a few notches in my book.

Battlestar Galactica – Razor Review

Fair warning: This does contain spoilers. While it’s usually my policy not to discuss plot elements in my reviews, there is just too much in Ron Moore’s creation that I need to digest!  

The updated Battlestar Galactica is like a lover you haven’t spoken to in awhile. You used to hang out together, discussing the vagaries of life and politics, making love, having fun and drowning in passion. Just when you’re hungering for more, confident that you’re about to take the ‘next step’ in your relationship, they suddenly disappear leaving you disappointed and hurt.

Finally, when the memories of your times together begin to fade and you’ve decided to move on, the familiar phone number flashes across your caller ID and your swept back up in the whirlwind.

This is exactly what happened last night only with one of my favorite TV shows. Sure, we had some ups and downs in our relationship over the years. Who doesn’t? For example, I didn’t care for BSG’s taste in music in the final episode of last season. “Along the Watchtower” by Jimmy Hendrix is a distinctly Terran song. By introducing popular Earthen culture into a show that for multiple seasons strove to avoid it, it felt strange and odd as if they were trying too hard to make a point, or felt their core audience was too stupid to understand coming implications. One of the main reasons I fell in love with the show, was their ability to make you think about hot topic issues without directly referencing them.

The most recent 2 hour special, “Battlestar Galactica – Razor” almost seemed to be something that tried to clean up an ever-growing mess. We follow the crew of the Battlestar Pegasus as we flip forward and back through time in what to first time viewers must have been utterly confusing. For those of you who don’t know, half way through the journey to find Earth, we learn that another ship survived the initial Cylon slaughter. After a few side plot lines, the Pegasus is ultimately destroyed when Commander Lee Adama sacrifices it to rescue people off of New Caprica.

In this most recent flashback, we meet Lt. Kendra Shaw, a drug addicted survivor of Admiral Cain’s legacy. I guess every Battlestar needs its own Starbuck. Having just been promoted to Commander of the Pegasus by his father, Lee Adama pegs the mouthy insubordinate for his XO, hoping to send a message that Cain’s influence is not lost under the new management.

Uh, what the frak?

We also find out how Gina (a number six) is captured aboard the Pegasus. While I originally thought she was brutally tortured because she was just a toaster, you learn that there was a very personal vendetta against the manipulating vixen. While the sexy bucket of bolts was secretly securing the ship’s computers for the enemy, she was concurrently bedding the Lady Cain. That model of Cylon certainly seems to get around! Aside from being a wood-inducing notion for most of the male population, it makes a lot of sense in how we see the Admiral progress throughout the 2 hours. We see the proud warrior progress from a militaristic yet notably human woman, into the very calculating machine she is hell bent on destroying.

In a pivotal scene, the Admiral commends Kendra Shaw after a fatal encounter with human refugees. Cain in a rather interesting interpretation of the biblical story, orders for the newly found ships to be raided for their parts, cargo and useful men and women, while the rest of the manifest is left to rot in the cold of space, utterly defenseless. Following orders to kill families of commandeered talent who resist transfer, the young soldier fires the first shot after the passengers rebel, killing 10 innocent fellow humans. 

Cain ultimately explains away the situation as a necessity, overcoming basic human morality for the survival of the species. Using the ultra-sharp razor knife as a metaphor, only then do you realize she is as cold and as calculating as the machine who is locked in her brig. There is no hope for Cain at that point, even though she insists her deeds are so that the human race can live.

In another plot line twist, we find out that during the first Cylon war, the older Adama crash landed in enemy territory and came upon the experimental labs that we’re lead to believe held the first hybrid model. It was very hard for me to swallow that a man of his intelligence couldn’t put together the facts of his unscheduled visit. When you see a lab filled with butchered human parts in various stages of bonding with machine parts, my first guess wouldn’t be that they were building some sort of super weapon. I’d be ripping off people’s faces to find the chrome beneath the skin, or at least be wary that it was even a possibility. It didn’t even seem to dawn on Adama that it was plausible until his first encounter with Leoben. Then, as if some huge light goes off in his head, he finally puts two and two together only after the damage has been done.

We also find out in one of the final scenes that atop everything Kendra Shaw had to endure under Cain, she had her own part to play in destiny. In another moment of, ‘doh, the nuke remote won’t start, we’ll have to manually detonate’ a wounded Major Shaw pulls a Bruce Willis in “Armageddon” and defies orders to leave Kara “Starbuck” Thrace to an honorable death. She instead learns in her final moments from the elderly hybrid that Kara should really be changing her call sign to ‘Harbinger of Death’, but ain’t it a pity that communications just happen to scrambled again before the base star goes boom. It seems that Kara Thrace will indeed lead the human race to their destruction. We even got to see some hints of this plotline in the trailer for the new season.

While I may sound harsh in my criticisms and hole poking, I did love the show. I stared at my lover across the table with eager eyes and wonder, as if he had never left. Ultimately ending the evening between the sheets, I caught my breath for the first time, only to realize that as quickly as he appeared, he was gone, promising to call me in another four months.

I’ll be waiting. Pathetic or not.