WTF? Really?

So I was debating on installing Windows 7 and I saw this article on Gizmodo. This photo is a direct screen shot. Not photochopped. You have my word as a human.

wtf Not only did the browser crash, but the computer locked up, making everything else I did useless. This is a month after a fresh install as well.

Paring Down The Twitter Famous

It all started with an Evil League of Evil Applicant who spoiled the long awaited surprise as to who was on the upcoming and recently released Dr. Horrible DVD. As an aside, my name wasn’t mentioned and truthfully, I’m not disappointed. It was a lot of fun being a part of that specific fandom.

As I deleted the person with the serious delusions of grandeur from my list (he didn’t make it either), I went through my Twitter list and started removing people that I would probably never speak to in real life as well. Sorry @wilw, while I enjoy some of your conversations with your Itunes, I will probably never have the opportunity to hang out with you in real life. The same for Felicia Day. It’s cool that she’s an uber geek into World of Warcraft, but really, will I ever get to sing with her or even share a non-fat latte when I’m impossibly skinny and cute?

I think not.

While I am not knocking these two celebrities who have embraced the digital world, I want to avoid being caught in the trap that a lot people are finding themselves. Apps like Twitter are not only a voyeuristic haven for those who have bigger dreams for themselves but also offer crushing disappointment. The bigger a person becomes on these social networking sites, the less of a chance the common folk have in engaging in any sort of discussion. This is not the fault of the celebrity. If I had a billion followers and was uber popular, I’d have a hard time keeping up with all the @replies as well. I am not doling out blame here to the people involved.

I won’t stop Twittering, but I’m very aware that just because some celebrities have the technical know-how doesn’t mean I should fall into that sticky pit of watching their every move. Paparazzi started with the popularity of just a few pictures.

Maybe there will come a day where I’m having coffee and vegetarian lasagna with people far above my social status and recognizability, but until that day that I receive an @reply, are your tweets really my business?

Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

The new wordpress user interface is nice. It’s all Apple-like, rounded buttons and windows and truthfully, it’s kinda snazzy. Shouldn’t take too much thinking to figure it out. I will be testing this on my blog for abit before upgrading Pete just to make sure there are no major conflicts. 

Let me know if you run into anything while visiting the site. Feedback is always appreciated!

This Was Very Moving

Wow. Just wow.

A while back, I was quite skeptical that we would ever be able to safely grant Stephen Hawking a trip into space. Peter Diamandis founder of the X Prize, retells the story below and I for one was grateful that Dr. Hawking’s dream was realized.

Thanks, Gary for sending me the link to this site. There are wonderful videos on this site as well, so make sure you take a look.

Age of Conan vs. World of Warcrack

I mean, Warcraft.

First off, Age of Conan takes itself way too seriously. Sure, you get to chop off heads and taunt your victims while headbutting them in the face as they splash you with their blood. You also get to see boobies and cavort with whores and thieves. Yet, after a few levels of broken quests and memory leaks which crash you to desktop, the cool stuff is drastically overshadowed.

I would argue even, that the graphics try to be too good, constantly bogging down a decent system. A lot of my friends would have needed to spend mucho money upgrading their rigs to see the game at its full glory or even make it playable with frustration levels hovering around 5-8 FPS. Mind you, the world is absolutely beautiful if you’ve got the equipment to display it. With DX10 support coming soon, gamers who spend the money to upgrade to cards supporting the feature will probably be blown away.

It’s just a shame that the other 90 percent of the player base won’t ever get to see that except through screen shots.

Another thing not helping Age of Conan, is the art of the armor and weapons. Most people who play MMO’s take pride in beating a particularly hard boss for the loot. You can imagine the disappointment when you’ve reached the level cap of 80 and you still look like you shop at the Salvation Army. Frankly the NPC’s have better looking gear.

Earning money in the game is extremely hard to do as well, level 1-40. When AoC first launched, to purchase a mount at level 40, you needed a total of 3 gold. I was very well frustrated to find that despite the small and expensive bag space, no amount of selling vendor trash was going to get me a much needed horse. The zones are huge. At level 40, I had approximately 50 silver to my name.

They’ve since lowered the price of the mount to 75 silver, but I’m sure the riding book is still 2 gold. Unless they adjust the prices of vendor trash, one will need to be creative in obtaining enough gold to do anything. While the economy in the auction house was trying to settle, I took advantage of buying leather low and selling it for a profit.

I hate doing that. It’s such a waste of time.

Not to mention, once you hit 50, gold production is drastically increased, but at that point, it just sits in your bag. There is absolutely nothing to spend it on.

The good things going for Age of Conan are few, but they do exist. The combat system is beyond a doubt one of the best I’ve had the privilege to play. It’s not a one button click-fest. While most MMO’s depend on group strategy when working together, success hinges on the actions of each player, whether soloing an instance or working together in a group.

Speaking of solo instances, this is another feature that really shines in AoC. You can immerse yourself into your own little world away from guilds or parties while fighting instances specifically designed for a solo player. It fully enables the gamer to level up when the multi-player situation is too much, or not enough.

I do feel abit cheated now that I look back. AoC was released for mass consumption too early IMO and it seems that Funcom expected the player base to pay for a beta. With the impending (and now delayed) release of Warhammer, I’m sure they felt a product in any state would be a significant advantage over their newest competitor. The cool factor drew most of us in, but after escaping the first zone at level 20, there were significant problems waiting for us. In some cases, unforgivable problems that really minimized enjoyment of the game.

Lack of customer service added to the problem, and while the subscription service was easy enough to navigate, any in-game issues were for a good part ignored, due to lack of agents and GMs. If you do not have the infrastructure to handle a big player base, you shouldn’t really be in the MMO business.

I’ve since cancelled my monthly subscription and from what I’ve read, a lot of others have done the same. I was going to sit on my hands or finish playing CoD4, but instead was convinced to go back to World of Warcraft after a two year hiatus.

So far, it’s been nothing but fun.

Tomorrow, I will discuss the pros and very little cons that make up the biggest MMO in gaming history; World of Warcraft.

“Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along”- Vid Reaction

My video reaction to the conclusion of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is below. It does give a spoiler, so if you haven’t watched it, don’t watch this. If you have, you’ll get exactly what I was talking about.

EDIT: Finally found a plugin that actually works! You should be able to see the video now, instead of downloading it.



WordPress Upgrade Issue 2.6 with IE

If you use podpress, you will receive an error when trying to post or edit a post in Internet Explorer.

You have two options:

Install and use firefox. No issues have cropped up just yet.

Deactivate podpress until a fix comes out.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, I’d wait a few days until a few of the bugs that have appeared are coded and patched.

Boom De Yada

I absolutely love this. I would rank it as one of my favorite commercials. I don’t know if it’s because I remember singing this song in elementary school, or the fact that Discovery is right, the world is an awesome place! If you haven’t seen it, watch this. You won’t be disappointed, even if you aren’t a DC addict as I so happen to claim.

The best part, is that it’s really a ‘thank you’ to both Momma Terra and the channel’s viewers without being pretentious.

Oh, and Mike Rowe. Mmmmm.


WordPress Upgrade Test – Found Twitter!

I have been having  some hosting issues and haven’t been able to get to my site for the past 24 hours, but it seems to be resolved now, after 3 hours on the phone this morning with Cox Communications and Bluehost. 

I found Twitter in my boredom and absolutely love it. If you are a member, let me know and I’ll add you to my friends list. If you scroll to the bottom of my site, you can see I’ve added a Twitter link, where you can see all the little musings of peeps to whom I’ve subscribed.

I upgraded wordpress this morning too, so hopefully everything still works!

What have you been up to this morning?