Hey Doctor Who Fans Waiting For The Season Five Soundtrack…

As I finished Mass Effect 2, which was an awesome game, the final battle sounds a bit like Doctor Who music. So, if you’re eagerly awaiting the soundtrack to season five as I am, this should tide you over nicely. The similar “Doctor is about to solve a crisis” music starts at 41 seconds. Enjoy.

Update: As I played this video, my five year old came running in thinking I was watching Matt Smith. 🙂

This Lunatic Will Be at LunaCon

I will be at LunaCon this year in Rye, NY. If you’re in the area, come say hello!

My Schedule:

Women in Gaming
Friday    7:00 PM     –    8:00 PM
Breaking the glass ceiling in the world of online computer, console, RPGs, and LARPING. Who says members of the female persuasion aren’t talented at everything from first person shooters to rpgs and mmorpg? Statistics show gaming isn’t just for boys in basements any longer. There are more girls gaming than just the ones dating the GM! Chances are, you just got owned by a girl!

Kathryn Baker [M], Nuance Bryant, Allison Lonsdale, Lisa Padol, Cathleen Townsend

Podcasting 101
Friday    9:00 PM     –    10:00 PM

Podcasting is increasing in popularity, and could be a great way for you to reach a wider audience. Our panelists discuss how to start your own podcast and the nitty-gritty details, from the technical, monetary, hosting, and of course, the do’s and don’ts.

Kathryn Baker [M], Brandy Hauman, Gail Z. Martin, Dan Persons

Gaming and Sex
Friday    10:00 PM     –    11:00 PM

The Phil & Dixie comics, adult topics in gaming books, how to introduce adult themes in your campaign, how to overcome sterotypes, and whatever else the audience draws the topics to.

Kathryn Baker, Kevin DiVico [M], Bruce Dykes, Neal Levin, Allison Lonsdale

System vs. Setting
Saturday    7:00 PM    –    8:00 PM

Nearly all RPGs share some similiarities: they have a set of rules that govern play, and most have a setting or world where play takes place. Some people love systems for their rule systems, and other are drawn in to the romance of a particular setting. Which is it for you: the math or the poetry, that makes or breaks a game?

Kathryn Baker, Steve Brinich [M], Heidi Hooper, Hal Johnson, Mike McPhail, Aaron Rosenberg

Guilty Pleasures
Saturday    9:00 PM    –    10:00 PM

You know it’s bad, but you love it anyway.  Cheesy soap operas, bad 80’s hair bands, other things you can’t quit, but can’t quite explain.

Kathryn Baker [M], John Douglas, Neal Levin, Theresa Mather, Alex Wittenberg

Listening to Science Fiction on the Way to Work
Sunday    2:00 PM    –    3:00 PM

The state of audio sf — readings, radio, podcasts, audiobooks, etc   -or- Where can you find great audio fiction and podcasts? A discussion on the state of audio science fiction. Where can you find great audio fiction and podcasts?

Kathryn Baker, Jim Freund [M]

Avatar: Love it or Leave it?
Sunday    3:00 PM    –    4:00 PM

Some loved it, some hated it. What made it great and what brought it down? Is Avatar the greatest movie ever made, or was it just a CGI-filled version of Pocahontas? What did we love about it, and what did we hate?

Kathryn Baker [M], Marilyn Brahen, Ariel Cinii, Jeff Warner

Singing with the Yeti – Battling the Dragon

So I had to test out the vocal capacity of my new microphone. I ended up getting the new THX certified Blue Yeti microphone. I try to do my best impression of Leliana’s Song from Dragon Age: Origins. It’s one of my favorite songs and my main goal was testing out the quality of the microphone on stereo vocals. What do you think? It’s not a perfect copy, but I think I do a pretty darn good job! I also have no idea what the words are, so I wing it in the end. Buwhahah.

Click “Leliana’s & Kate’s Song” to hear my rendition. The video below is for reference.

Leliana & Kate’s Song

Your Nominations Are Important! – Hugo and Campbell Awards

For the John W. Campbell Award:

For those of you who attended Anticipation WorldCon in Montreal last year, you’ll know that the Campbell Award for best new writer was awarded to David Anthony Durham. You may also know you have the ability to nominate for the award which will be given at AussieCon. If you’re looking for some ideas on who may be eligible,  Writertopia has compiled a list if you’re filling out a nomination ballot. To vote in the awards, you’ll need to buy a supporting membership for $50.00 USD or an attending membership if you’re making the trip to Australia.

For the Hugo Awards:

The same process applies here as do the Campbell Awards. If you attended Anticipation, you have the right and honor to nominate your favorite works, authors, artists, editors, and publications for one of the highest awards in the SF/F field. Aside from the list I compiled at the bottom of the page, I was at Boskone this weekend and attended the Hugo panel. Some materials were given out and I found these lists to be most helpful as well.

  • The 2009 Locus Recommended Reading List – Keep in mind though, if you are voting for say, best novel, Locus splits their favorites up into sub categories. If you are looking for things to read to ultimately consider nominating for that award, compress the four categories (Novels – Science Fiction, Novels – Fantasy, Young Adult Books, First Novels) into one big list.
  • NESFA 2009 Hugo Recommended Reading List

Other Resources for Consideration:

I can’t stress enough how important it is to nominate. People see the voting as perhaps the easy and fun part of awards aside from handing out a plaque and rocket, but participation in the nomination process not only takes a bigger sample of worthy items but also sends the message that you care about being a part of the whole process.

Nominations for both the Hugos and Campbell Award close on March 13th, so get to reading and more importantly, get to nominating!

My New Musical Crush…Lady Antebellum #fb

For those of you on Twitter, I know, I’ve been going on and on about this group for the past three days. I can’t stop listening to these guys. The funny thing is, I hate country. Very few songs really grab me in that particular genre. Yet this whole new album (their second) is fantastic.

Have a taste. They are even wonderful live as evidence by one of these clips:

“Run to You” (From First Album)

“Never Alone” w/ Jim Brickman

“Need You Now”