Loot Fer Me!

I returned from my recent weekend in Texas to find a lovely little package patiently waiting for me.

Since I love getting absolutely random loot for no particular reason than the person sending it is made of pure win, I tore open the yellow mailer and inside was this:


I immediately ripped open the cd — (It just affirmed why I don’t use CD’s anymore, they are too damn hard to open) and listened!

A big hug and thanks to Janiece who is made of awesomesauce.

If you’re looking to listen to what this group performs, here is a taste of them singing “Africa” by Toto with one of the most brilliant openings I’ve ever seen.

Steve Martin – The Crow

So, I got home from A Prairie Home Companion tonight at Tanglewood. What an amazing experience. Guests included Martin Sheen, Arlo Guthrie, Heather Masse and Steve Martin on a banjo.

If you can get to a radio or a computer to listen online, the show was fantastic. I immediately drove home, and downloaded the Steve Martin album and select songs from Heather Masse. I would love to get a recording of some of the few songs she did on the show as they blew me away. That girl can sing.

Anyway, here’s Steve doing the title song off his new album, “The Crow” on Letterman. Oh and by the way — he also wrote it.

One of the Most Beautiful Pieces of Music Ever Composed…

Morten Lauridsen – Lux Aerterna

I know that’s a really big statement. I’ve always wanted to hear this live, but haven’t been blessed as of yet. I first heard this back in 2001 when NPR played it as a tribute to the fallen in the September 11th attacks. I don’t know if it’s the emotional weight of the moment, but this is one of the only pieces of music that truly moves me to tears.

I caught a part of the symphony in the end of the movie Angels of Demons and immediately recognized it. It’s amazingly beautiful and these guys do a wonderful job in these two clips.

I don’t think you get the full glory of the piece unless you listen to the first part, and unfortunately I thought the organ was a bit clunky on the live version with this group. I’m sure you can find the CD on Amazon or Itunes now. Look for the LA Choral version. It’s well worth the money.

To All The Girl Gamers: New Vocal: Girl Gamer

I was lamenting that there were no songs celebrating a rare breed; girl gamers. As we saw on this season’s WCG: Ultimate Gamer, there are female professionals out there that could probably beat the piss out of most people and look good doing it.

Here is my musical tribute and incidentally, I had a ton of fun doing this song. I especially like the third verse. 😉


New Vocal: Outside

Sometimes it helps to be reminded in the style of Laurie Berkner that we don’t necessarily need to believe everything we see or hear in the media.

So, children, take a seat around the circle and relax.


I’m Being Taken Over By The Fear…

I really like this new song by Lily Allen. She’s quite a famous popstar in Britain, more for the tabloid shots in the last two years than anything. She’s got quite the rebellious streak in her. 

Anyway, this video definitely reminds me of Veruca Salt and offers up quite a sad but true state of world affairs.