Singing with the Yeti – Battling the Dragon

So I had to test out the vocal capacity of my new microphone. I ended up getting the new THX certified Blue Yeti microphone. I try to do my best impression of Leliana’s Song from Dragon Age: Origins. It’s one of my favorite songs and my main goal was testing out the quality of the microphone on stereo vocals. What do you think? It’s not a perfect copy, but I think I do a pretty darn good job! I also have no idea what the words are, so I wing it in the end. Buwhahah.

Click “Leliana’s & Kate’s Song” to hear my rendition. The video below is for reference.

Leliana & Kate’s Song

My New Musical Crush…Lady Antebellum #fb

For those of you on Twitter, I know, I’ve been going on and on about this group for the past three days. I can’t stop listening to these guys. The funny thing is, I hate country. Very few songs really grab me in that particular genre. Yet this whole new album (their second) is fantastic.

Have a taste. They are even wonderful live as evidence by one of these clips:

“Run to You” (From First Album)

“Never Alone” w/ Jim Brickman

“Need You Now”

The DJ Stylings of Steve Boyett

I had the pleasure of being on a podcasting panel with Steve Boyett at Worldcon in Montreal. Not only did he make an excellent panelist, but the man touts that he’s got three of the most popular podcasts on the planet. Naturally, when he mentioned dance music along with the previous sentence, I was intrigued. When I arrived home from Montreal, I spied the bookmark I took as the panel ended and I’ve been grooving ever since.

He’s released the set he did at Worldcon on Saturday night — and I’m sorta kicking myself that I didn’t go. It’s made of pure awesome. You can get it here.

It’s got a Thomas Dolby cut in it. Need I say more? Truly kickass, and I’m seeing why his mixes are so popular.

You can find his regular podcasts on Itunes:

Groove Electric
Podrunner: Intervals

I’m posting this rather late on Friday night, so if you’re going to download it, make sure you realize that once you start listening you won’t be able to stop. It might be a bit of sleep deterrent.

Your Motivation For Today

The video is pretty pointless. Common prescription for most dance videos. Sexy women getting undressed and hopping in some sort of fluid.

Oh, don’t look at me like that. Just listen.

When I first heard “Deep at Night”, I immediately thought of the montage in the movie Real Genius. It’s almost what the underlying synth would sound like in “I’m Falling” if updated. The Comsat Angels rock out with the song below.

“Was it a dream where you see yourself standing in sort of sun-god robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at you?”