New Music: Rising

For the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling myself sink into depression. It’s been particularly bad this week as I’ve hovered between sadness and anger. I have been fiercely productive then paralyzed.

I needed to get ahead of this and driving home last night, I turned up the music. It was a hard-hitting drumline and moving melody and the higher I raised the volume, the better I felt.

I woke up this morning, needing to create. I’ll use this for intros to Clarkesworld podcasts, but I feel good about this one. Chillstep with a hint of defiance.

Like me. Enjoy.

New Instrumental – Airset Alphabet

Started this while watching Allie in Karate. Think I’ll use it for Clarkesworld intros/outros in the future, or perhaps shorten it and put some lyrics to it.

Let me know what you think?

New Instrumental – “What it Should Have Been”

As we approach the new year, I like to refresh some of the music I use at the beginning and end of the Clarkesworld podcasts. Was playing around with some editing tools recently and finished this one.


My friend James said it reminded him of old-school video game mixed with house music. I think I agree with that assessment.

Hey Doctor Who Fans Waiting For The Season Five Soundtrack…

As I finished Mass Effect 2, which was an awesome game, the final battle sounds a bit like Doctor Who music. So, if you’re eagerly awaiting the soundtrack to season five as I am, this should tide you over nicely. The similar “Doctor is about to solve a crisis” music starts at 41 seconds. Enjoy.

Update: As I played this video, my five year old came running in thinking I was watching Matt Smith. 🙂