WorldCon Write-Up

It goes without saying that I’m just sort of sitting here trying to process everything that happened in the last few days. This is going to be a long post, so apologies in advance.

One of the more interesting things about Worldcon is that I wear a bunch of hats while I’m there.

Hat Number One: As Director of Operations for SFWA, I’m working with our events team and suite volunteers to make sure all services are up and running. I would be lost this year without the incredible help from Terra LeMay, Steven H Silver, Cat Greenberg and the many awesome volunteers who took time out of their convention schedules to lend a hand. I also participate in discussions during the SFWA Board and Business meetings and I am so thankful to be working with an amazing group of people filling those roles. SFWA is in very good hands right now and I’m so glad I get to be a part of that. For any members who are reading this and did not get to attend, when we post the minutes of those meetings, I would encourage you to seek them out. We’re doing great things.

Hat Number Two:  I’m the Podcast Director, Narrator, and Non-fiction Editor for Clarkesworld Magazine. This weekend, I got to partake in panels that not only spoke to the audio side of what I do, but the awesomeness that is this magazine under the stewardship of Neil Clarke, Sean Wallace and the many people who’ve been a part of it. Clarkesworld Magazine has not only been around for ten years, but I’ve gotten to see it evolve into the badass Pokemon it is for a good majority of it.

Hat Number Three: As you can see on the masthead of the website, it does list writer in there. My writing sort of fell off when SFWA and Clarkesworld took over, but thanks to the gentle prodding and encouragement by a few people, mainly Terra LeMay, I am happy to say that I’m writing again. A goal of mine was to finish a story so I’d have something to offer at my reading at WorldCon, and I’m happy to say that I did. More on that later.

Hat Number Four: Fan. When I was about five, my father under the great disapproval from my mother (who to this day, still mentions it), showed me Alien. From then, every B movie to the classic Heinlein and Asimov stories and novels to the amazing things this community is producing now, WorldCon is still squee central. My work with both SFWA and CW allows me to still have some composure when I come upon people and things I truly love and admire, but you better believe that under the skin, I’m jumping up and down and screaming with joy. So to all those creators and individuals who make those amazing things happen, thank you.

In conversation, I often inquire about convention highlights and it seemed that in general, people had really wonderful things to say. While there were many, the few that have simultaneously energized and to a degree validated what I’m doing in the community were:

  1. Kaffeeklatch – I was intensely worried that I would be sitting at a table by myself. That was very much not the case. I was so happy to be joined by people, that I started the session asking each person around the table who they were and what they did to make the event even more intimate. If you’re taking the time to get to know me, I wanted to know about you. We had lovely discussions and all the while, I was sitting there practically jumping out of my seat because I could not believe it was happening. I work from home in all things, so while I do get feedback in the form of social media and email, actually experiencing interaction in a live environment is pretty surreal. When someone comes up and says they love my narration or the work I do, it takes me a minute to process that they are actually talking to me. Maybe it goes back to the impostor syndrome some of us experience, but regardless, I will always be thankful to each person who took time out of their schedules to come see me.
  2. Reading – As I mentioned above, Terra LeMay has been instrumental with her encouragement and guidance in getting my writing career back on track. While I wasn’t expecting a reading at WorldCon, the programming staff offered me one anyway. As soon as I found out, I wanted to share that space with Terra because I wouldn’t even have anything to read if she hadn’t suggested the accountability in the first place. Overwhelmed again that people showed up, I started reading from the new short story.  Unfortunately, emotion got the best of me and I started crying. I tried to catch it before I lost it, but I just couldn’t. I got a hug from Terra and Marguerite Kenner, and Steven H Silver got up and grabbed me some water and tissues. I took a deep breath and soldiered on. But the fact that people sat there and listened to me read, from my own work, was pretty friggen awesome.
  3. People – So many people I love. So brief a time to spend. A hug, a wave, a small conversation, old friends, new ones, drinks around a table — whatever it was, just know that I am so incredibly lucky to have met you and gotten to know you.

While in the Clarkesworld at Ten panel at this WorldCon I said, “It is an awesome time to be a writer and a reader.” I mean that. There will be people for whatever reason that will try to tell you otherwise, that your voice doesn’t matter or that the art you create isn’t worth anything. Please do not listen to them. Write. Create. Make Art. Edit. Publish.

It is important to be inclusive. It is important to validate the things you like and love. It is important not only to call out injustice, but to find and implement the solutions that fix it. It’s is important to continue to do those things despite the threatening and scary calls that come from limited worldviews where change is threatening and scary.

With all the talk of “special snowflakes,” the only other thing I will add is this — a snowflake forms when conditions are just right. Water droplets freeze onto particles of dust and form a myriad of unique shapes. That dust comes from you and I and all the things that make up this tiny blue dot. It comes from stars that once held planets of their own, long before we were ever here.

If being a special snowflake means I get to share this short time with both old friends and new, and my limited worldview expands with it, let us be a blizzard.

So to Marguerite Kenner and Alasdair Stuart, thank you for the conversation and the Flakes. I am often flabbergasted when we part, because you are both amazing. I hope to see you soon either in travel to the UK or if I can make it to WorldCon in Finland.

To Jeremy Tolbert, Beth Dawkins, Al Bogdan, Nick Mamatas, Gord Sellar, Desirina Boskovich, Christopher Kastensmidt, and newly met Molly Tanzer, thank you for a night of just “being.” I rarely get to do that at conventions lately, and I’m so grateful.

To David Steffen, thank you for coming to the Kaffeeklatsch, the reading, dinner, and for being a generally all around awesome person.

To Richard Man, who in requesting a second photograph session for his project gave the reason that the first didn’t quite capture all that I was, your work is brilliant and I can’t wait to see the finished pieces.

To Patrick Hester who has always been wonderful and kind and gives the best bear hugs, thank you for being a friend and still insisting on calling me, “the voice.”

To Cat Rambo, who not only is a kickass SFWA President, thank you for the conversation and advice. I’m very honored to call you friend.

To Naomi Kritzer for being one of my favorite writers, congratulations on the Hugo win and thank you for liking the narration. You didn’t have to mention it on the podium and you did, and I will never forget it. You are amazing and don’t ever forget that. (Also, send us more stories.)

To Kelly Robson and Alyx Dellamonica who both give the warmest hugs and the bestest of advices, I’m so incredibly grateful I got to spend some time chatting with you both before you headed home.

To Scott Andrews and Tina Connolly with whom I got to sit at the Hugo ceremony, I so enjoy your company and the evening was made all the better for getting to experience it with you.

To Todd McCaffrey for engaging conversation and drinks, thank you!

To the many fans of the Clarkeworld podcast who said hello and came up and asked for hugs, we would be nothing without your support.

To Fran Wilde, Steven Gould, Laura Mixon, John and Krissy Scalzi, Mary Robinette Kowal, Lynne and Michael Thomas, Ellen Datlow, Francesca Myman, Rich Horton, Jonathan Strahan, Lily Yu, Terrence Miltner, Robert Reed, Marko Kloos, Jason Sanford, David Klecha, Mur Lafferty, Jim Kelly, Irene Gallo, Sheila Williams, Rachel Swirsky, Charlie Jane Anders, John Chu, Bud Sparhawk, Sarah Beth Durst, David Gallaher, Jason Heller, John O’Neill, Brenda Cooper, Ken Liu, Hao Jingfang, Rosemary Claire Smith, Laurie and Jim Mann, Eugene Fischer, and others that in post-con brain I’m so sorry for forgetting, although our time was but brief, you are all rock stars and I’m all the better for having met you.

To Neil Clarke — You are my best friend and I would not be the person I am today without your continued and unfailing belief in me.  Thank you for everything this weekend.  From one impostor to another, you my friend, are fucking amazing. (Oh, and I guess I can maybe include Sean in there somewhere too. *rolls eyes*)

Now,  I hope all of you recover soon and get back to creating wonderful things.

World Fantasy Convention Wrap-Up

This was my first World Fantasy Convention. I’ve never been to one, so I was a bit surprised at the lack of panels, however conversation with friends old and new made up for everything that was lacking. 

I got to meet some very wonderful people at this convention namely, the sweet Christie Yant, the wonderful Brenda Cooper, Functional Nerd Patrick Hester, SF Signal Guru John “Turturo” DeNardo and the Goddess otherwise known as Cat Valente. While there I chatted with the likes of Brent Bowen, John Anealio and Nick Mamatas. I met some of the rest of the super awesome Clarkesworld staff;   Nayad Monroe, Daniel Robichaud and Jamie Lackey were amazing.  Altered Fluid members, Matt Kressel, Paul Berger, David Mercurio Rivera and Raj Khanna were ever awesome in both their companionship and spirit.  I gave hugs to Sarah Goslee, Jeff Hentosz, and Jeremy Tolbert and talked quite awhile with a Ferrett. There are of course others, and I hate to name drop, but these were the people with whom I conversed the most.

The ever nice and born-to-give-me-hell Neil Clarke was there along with Sean and Jen Wallace. They happened to bring their newborn twins along and I was in heaven the few hours I got to spend rocking and holding. Unfortunately the rumor I tried to start that one of the girls was Neil Gaiman and my love child failed to take off, but more than one person congratulated Neil Clarke and I on our new twins as we tried to get the Wallace babies to sleep for their REAL parents.

Speaking of rumors, you might have heard that I record my narrations in one take, with no mistakes. This is absolutely true. More on that later, but I did enjoy coming home to these tweets:

  1. atfmb  FYI – @Kate_Baker Rocks. She is The Voice & The Legend. That is all.
  2. daemonrange @Kate_Baker And the legend of “one-take Kate” lives on … Glad we could contribute to the smoky voice. 🙂

Note to self – prepare a box to ship the bag o’books home that you receive at the convention. I was cursing myself that I hadn’t as I dragged what felt like 50 lbs around the airport on connections. Speaking of airports and airlines, the con got off to a rocky start when I arrived to Columbus to no checked bag. According to Delta, my bag was running up a bar tab in Detroit. After repeated calls, they finally delivered it to the hotel around midnight.

Despite my claims of being socially awkward, I did have a fantastic time and it was thanks to all those wonderful people mentioned above. Would I go again to a WFC? Absolutely. Maybe not San Diego next year, although my love child’s father is the GOH, but most definitely to Toronto.

This Lunatic Will Be at LunaCon

I will be at LunaCon this year in Rye, NY. If you’re in the area, come say hello!

My Schedule:

Women in Gaming
Friday    7:00 PM     –    8:00 PM
Breaking the glass ceiling in the world of online computer, console, RPGs, and LARPING. Who says members of the female persuasion aren’t talented at everything from first person shooters to rpgs and mmorpg? Statistics show gaming isn’t just for boys in basements any longer. There are more girls gaming than just the ones dating the GM! Chances are, you just got owned by a girl!

Kathryn Baker [M], Nuance Bryant, Allison Lonsdale, Lisa Padol, Cathleen Townsend

Podcasting 101
Friday    9:00 PM     –    10:00 PM

Podcasting is increasing in popularity, and could be a great way for you to reach a wider audience. Our panelists discuss how to start your own podcast and the nitty-gritty details, from the technical, monetary, hosting, and of course, the do’s and don’ts.

Kathryn Baker [M], Brandy Hauman, Gail Z. Martin, Dan Persons

Gaming and Sex
Friday    10:00 PM     –    11:00 PM

The Phil & Dixie comics, adult topics in gaming books, how to introduce adult themes in your campaign, how to overcome sterotypes, and whatever else the audience draws the topics to.

Kathryn Baker, Kevin DiVico [M], Bruce Dykes, Neal Levin, Allison Lonsdale

System vs. Setting
Saturday    7:00 PM    –    8:00 PM

Nearly all RPGs share some similiarities: they have a set of rules that govern play, and most have a setting or world where play takes place. Some people love systems for their rule systems, and other are drawn in to the romance of a particular setting. Which is it for you: the math or the poetry, that makes or breaks a game?

Kathryn Baker, Steve Brinich [M], Heidi Hooper, Hal Johnson, Mike McPhail, Aaron Rosenberg

Guilty Pleasures
Saturday    9:00 PM    –    10:00 PM

You know it’s bad, but you love it anyway.  Cheesy soap operas, bad 80’s hair bands, other things you can’t quit, but can’t quite explain.

Kathryn Baker [M], John Douglas, Neal Levin, Theresa Mather, Alex Wittenberg

Listening to Science Fiction on the Way to Work
Sunday    2:00 PM    –    3:00 PM

The state of audio sf — readings, radio, podcasts, audiobooks, etc   -or- Where can you find great audio fiction and podcasts? A discussion on the state of audio science fiction. Where can you find great audio fiction and podcasts?

Kathryn Baker, Jim Freund [M]

Avatar: Love it or Leave it?
Sunday    3:00 PM    –    4:00 PM

Some loved it, some hated it. What made it great and what brought it down? Is Avatar the greatest movie ever made, or was it just a CGI-filled version of Pocahontas? What did we love about it, and what did we hate?

Kathryn Baker [M], Marilyn Brahen, Ariel Cinii, Jeff Warner

Your Nominations Are Important! – Hugo and Campbell Awards

For the John W. Campbell Award:

For those of you who attended Anticipation WorldCon in Montreal last year, you’ll know that the Campbell Award for best new writer was awarded to David Anthony Durham. You may also know you have the ability to nominate for the award which will be given at AussieCon. If you’re looking for some ideas on who may be eligible,  Writertopia has compiled a list if you’re filling out a nomination ballot. To vote in the awards, you’ll need to buy a supporting membership for $50.00 USD or an attending membership if you’re making the trip to Australia.

For the Hugo Awards:

The same process applies here as do the Campbell Awards. If you attended Anticipation, you have the right and honor to nominate your favorite works, authors, artists, editors, and publications for one of the highest awards in the SF/F field. Aside from the list I compiled at the bottom of the page, I was at Boskone this weekend and attended the Hugo panel. Some materials were given out and I found these lists to be most helpful as well.

  • The 2009 Locus Recommended Reading List – Keep in mind though, if you are voting for say, best novel, Locus splits their favorites up into sub categories. If you are looking for things to read to ultimately consider nominating for that award, compress the four categories (Novels – Science Fiction, Novels – Fantasy, Young Adult Books, First Novels) into one big list.
  • NESFA 2009 Hugo Recommended Reading List

Other Resources for Consideration:

I can’t stress enough how important it is to nominate. People see the voting as perhaps the easy and fun part of awards aside from handing out a plaque and rocket, but participation in the nomination process not only takes a bigger sample of worthy items but also sends the message that you care about being a part of the whole process.

Nominations for both the Hugos and Campbell Award close on March 13th, so get to reading and more importantly, get to nominating!

Getting Out of Our Own Heads Regarding the Hugos

I eagerly opened the Hugo nomination packet that came in the mail a few weeks ago. As I flipped through the pages, my confidence began to fade. Thoughts like: “How can I possibly give each field a fair evaluation when I haven’t read nearly the amount to make a qualified decision?” or “What works even qualify as a novelette or novella?” or “Where can I find a comprehensive list of everything that’s available?”

As I found myself putting the nomination form aside, those same thoughts evolved into: “I will just have to catch up on everything that was published in 2009, to make the best decision possible.” and “I have to culminate a list of everything that people are putting up for consideration and read it.” and “I shall take note of editors and word counts and artists and…”

The nomination form quickly got buried with the burden of my now self-employed, full time, non-paying job of “Nominatrix Extraordinaire”. For the last twelve days, I couldn’t even tell you where the form went. Sure, I read some books, but they were books I had already decided I wanted to read. I was not as successful coming up with anything else of note.

Then a few days ago, a writer who I was lucky enough to share critiques with at Worldcon sent out a note. Addressed to ‘Devotees of Science Fiction and Fantasy’, it warned of the same mental stagnation that I was experiencing.The email also pointed to an article written by my fellow colleague at Clarkesworld Magazine, Cheryl Morgan. While Cheryl’s point is directly aimed at getting more women on the ballot, I think she nails it on the head that women tend to sabotage themselves when it comes to making decisions of this nature. Granted, this isn’t all women, but it looks like a good portion of the female population tend to crawl inside their own heads. This is not a reaction to fear, but I am clearly one of those women who like to make informed and qualified decisions. The nomination portion of the Hugo Awards does not fit into my orderly world of control.

…reading “everything” is impossible. You just have to look at what you have read and seen, and judge whether you think any of it is good enough to be nominated.

“Really? It’s that easy?” Yep. It is.

Don’t worry if you don’t have views in every category either. If you haven’t read any novellas in the past year, leave that section blank.


I know, this goes against everything single deep-seated desire to fill in every line in every category. I’ve had to train myself that it is necessary and indeed, appropriate in some cases to skip things with which I’m not famliar.

So my lovely ladies of the universe, go vote. Read Cheryl’s post as to why it is imperative that you do.  Time is running out on the new supporting memberships, so if you can’t get to it, consider becoming a supporting member in order to vote on the forthcoming short lists.

If you are still gung-ho about being “informed” here are a pile of links to peruse with some ideas for the up and coming awards season.

If there are more links which point to either eligibility or recommendations, please feel free to leave them in the comments. I will add them to the post.

Also – I didn’t want to leave this post without a gratuitous pimp for Clarkesworld Magazine which is eligible for the Semi-Prozine category. I love working for this magazine as the Podcast Director and would love to see it recognized.

New Narration: Escape Pod

I am extremely pleased to say that my narration of Genevieve Valentine’s story, “Carthago Delenda Est” went up yesterday. You can get it here! For all you Itunes listeners, the link is here.

I must say, Genevieve’s story was absolutely incredible. It’s definitely a thinking piece.When I finished editing the voice work and was able to really listen to the story, I was left with many different intriguing questions.  Genevieve is definitely someone to watch right now. She’s also got a story over at Clarkesworld Magazine this month as well.

Thanks to Jeremy Tolbert for letting be a part of a great online audio magazine!

For those looking for more podcasts/narrations — I have updated the list. Go listen to free fiction!

Not only is there the update to Escape Pod, but I’ve put up a link to my poetry narration at Mythic Delirium, and the worldcon reporting via The Sofanauts!

“A Glorious Triumvirate of Literary Nihilism”

Not my words, those came from the brilliant Peter Watts.

I woke up early on Saturday morning feeling absolutely fantastic. The birds were singing. The sky was blue. People waved hello as I crossed the busy streets of Montreal on what could most certainly have been a perfect day.

Fuck that. Who needs flawless and harmonious peace and love when you can have Peter Watts, John Scalzi and Jon Courtenay Grimwood? Mind raping, raucous, existential fun that reading was, oh yes. Deadly whips and chains and insolent Gods. Beheaded introspection (is that possible?) never sounded so, dark and scintillating.

So long perfect day. Now where did I put those razor blades? 😉



The Weekly News and #WorldCon09 Report

My body is still recovering from four lovely days in Montreal at this year’s Worldcon. My mind will need years of repair.

If you are interested, Tony C. Smith has let me take the reigns of The Sofanauts for two days while he is away on vacation.  You can find my first worldcon report here, and the Hugo round-up, here. While you’re on the site, you can also listen to Gord Sellar, the lovely Amy H. Sturgis, and John Joseph Adams.

All in all, it’s a weekend I will never forget.

Some more thoughts:

  1. Rockband is a lot more fun when you have groupies and an audience and alcohol.
  2. While I appreciate and love the plethora of programming available, my feet are filing a restraining order. I wish I had brought my pedometer with me to this con, I am convinced I walked over 10 miles.
  3. I am pretty sure that while in training – the convention center “guards” are taught to use the “evil eye”.
  4. Rooms dedicated for use to the Guest of Honor are always too small, no matter how large the room.
  5. There is an under-appreciated art of badge glancing. Style points for making it look like you are doing something other than desperately looking for a name hanging from someones neck. Negative points for those who walk up, tilt their head, stare at your chest and then walk off.
  6. Contrary to popular belief at cons, eye contact is not a deadly disease.
  7. Not sure if it’s the case, but it seems as if the better the hotel, the worse the internet connection. Although, I was hearing that even the cheaper hotels were having connectivity problems. Maybe bandwidth stealing moose are involved.*
  8. Most audience members are fantastic. There is always that one, though, or in some cases, two who believe they should have been on the panel.
  9. There will always be someone who starts eating an apple or fiddling with a candy in a noisy wrapper right as author starts to read from his/her highly anticipated and upcoming novel.
  10. Escalators are not dress friendly.
  11. Klingon costumes still make me smile.
  12. Most people will go out of their way to offer a grin, a wave or a nod of the head in your direction. Some will not. Some give dirty looks!
  13. By my estimation, it probably took Neil Gaiman thrice as long to make it from one panel to the next based on the mob mentality vs. the five foot rule. **
  14. I was briefly a part of the mob mentality vs. the five foot rule. *fangirlfail*
  15. Neil Clarke is and will continue to be made from the purest awesomesauce even though he made sure to taunt me about *fangirlfail*.
  16. Mary Robinette Kowal does not only look totally gorgeous in dressy Hugo attire, but she’s a kick ass presenter, panelist and friend.
  17. Aside from being beautiful, the hugo is really heavy.***
  18. John and Krissy Scalzi are the nicest (and funniest) people on Earth.
  19. Jay Lake is warm, fuzzy and a really great writing coach.
  20. Jeremy Lassen of Nightshade Books knows how to wear a suit.
  21. Cory Doctorow knows how to wear a tuxedo.
  22. Ellen Kushner is one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.
  23. Peter Watts is totally cool, sexy and engaging in a dark, intelligent, existential sort of way. I mean that in the nicest way possible.
  24. Patrick Rothfuss epitomizes the words, ‘gentleman and scholar’.
  25. Stu Segal was welcoming and reassuring to a girl who felt distinctly out of place.
  26. Cheryl Morgan was beautiful and gracious in a red dress during the best fan writer acceptance speech.
  27. Irishmen (especially those who run semi-prozines), are a riot. I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in a conversation, ever.
  28. Hallways of party floors are super sadistic fun to navigate.
  29. Lines for crowded elevators are super sadistic fun to wait in.
  30. Proper attention to special con rules involving mobbed guests of honor regarding tickets for signings are always good to find out — you know, before they sell out and you’re left with a book you dragged all the way from home in the hopes you could get it signed, only to lament and watch the line go by in the dealer’s room that was full of lucky bastards who were prepared.
  31. Even if you happen to leave your dress shoes in NJ, your tennis shoes will be the envy of all, not only for their comfort but for completing an eclectic stylish ensemble.****
  32. Despite initial mental imagery, the Campbell tiara does look fabulous on men.
  33. Flying the  Hugo Award around like rocket ship toy complete with sound effects during an acceptance speech was totally funny and endearing.*****
  34. I’m wondering why the powers that be decided ‘cloud nine’ was the highest concentrated water vapor level allowed. There really should be ‘cloud 54’ complete with disco music.

Thank you to everyone who made this worldcon something special and ultimately something I will never, ever forget.

*as suggested by Shawn Powers.

**A celebrity with as much rock star status as Neil Gaiman could not move more than five feet in any given situation without a constant crush of people being replaced by a…constant crush of people.

***I got to hold John Scalzi’s hugo. This is a first hand account!

****See Neil Clarkes’ (@clarkesworld) twitter before the Hugo ceremonies.

*****See Frank Wu’s speech.

My First Day #WorldCon09 – Friday

I was a little apprehensive as I got in the car for the five hour drive to Montreal. Two of the people I was supposed to be hanging with, ended up cancelling. I was on my own. I thought about not coming myself, but then I thought — “Go. You will thank yourself later.”

WorldCon Friday 006

(The view from my hotel room.)

WorldCon Friday 007

(I have a motherfucking panelist name card.)

As I was going up the elevator to my room last night around 2 a.m — I was thanking myself. Not only did I get up in front of total strangers and sing and play guitar at the party, but I had people coming up to me all night telling me how awesome I did. I don’t do these things often, but it felt really good. I ended up singing “Still Alive” by Jonathan Coulton. Big hit at a geek party. So much so, when I started, there were an influx of people curious as to what was going on in the suite. I got a rousing round of applause when I was finished. If I was ever looking for a self confidence boost, that was certainly it.

Pablo Defendini knows how to throw a party. While I left around 2 a.m — his tweet this morning stated the party actually ended around 4:40. I wonder if he will actually be walking today or crawling. John Joseph Adams and John Scalzi were also there as were many cool people. I was dubbed groupie and was happily fetching the Scalzinator water, so I didn’t get a picture or video of him singing a Journey song in his best falsetto. 🙂

WorldCon Friday 002

(Pablo Defendini totally rocking out.)

WorldCon Friday 004

(John Joseph Adams doing his best Kurt Cobain impression — and he was awesome.)

As the night continued, I meandered about to different parties around the Delta Centre-Ville. The English know how to throw a party. Great atmosphere and interesting food. At the Japanese hosted party, I got to try a Japanese pizza, which was delicious. I then met up with the most awesome Neil Clarke talked for a bit until we ambushed Patrick Rothfuss. I can’t stress that even with all the pressure to get out book 2 in The Name of Wind series, he is still a warm and wonderful person with whom to talk.

I will be writing more on the notes I took during the Campbell Award panel. John Scalzi, Mary Robinette Kowal, Jay Lake, Elizabeth Bear, Wen Spencer and Cory Doctorow were very interesting and funny.

Today — I am off to a reading, then my writing workshop. I am being critiqued by Jay Lake and Mary Robinette Kowal. Not a bad lot to draw, IMO. 🙂 Two Campbell Award winners helping me with my shitty writing, yeah, I think I hit the jackpot there.

Then, I hoof it from the Delta Centre-Ville back to the convention center where I moderate the podcasting panel at 3:30 EST. I’ve got all my notes, just need all my nerves.

So far, the con is well worth it and I’m having so much fun.

Congrats to Clarkesworld Magazine for winning a Chesley Award as well. Still keeping my fingers crossed for the Hugo tomorrow.

Green: The Color of Luck (My Hugo #Worldcon Dress)

Green is so rich. It’s a color in the Clarkesworld Magazine logo. John Scalzi claims it as a favorite. Jay Lake has written a novel with the name. It’s a hue synonymous with life, of money and lady luck.

This is the dress I picked out for the Hugo Awards coming up this Sunday.

Hopefully, it’ll lend some weal to a few of the nominees that I’m pulling to win.

Floor length, it moves when I do and if you’re attending #Worldcon — you’ll get to see it too.

Now, I just need a date. 🙂

Fix These May 2009 006