Two Napkins and Dishtowel…

…deny teenager entrance into senior prom. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t classify this as a dress. The following statement may seem like an angry tirade, but that’s because it is. This poor excuse for a proper vestment screams “I really have no caring parents who give a shit as to how I present myself to my friends.”

We need to stop letting our daughters dress like prostitutes. I’m not talking about dressing them in the stunning fashions of the FLDS but there are elegant dresses out there to showcase beauty, instead of flaunting sex like slutty whores.

Don’t even pull the racist card out on me either. Had this girl been white, yellow or purple, my reaction would have been the same. Show your children to respect themselves and their bodies, please.

Edit: I’ve removed the “rape me” comment, as I can see how some people would take issue that a dress is never the main reason that the violent act occurs. You may see my arguments in the comments below as I’ve left it up for discussion.


Times When I’m Not Proud to Be An American.

This is just disgusting and needs to be rectified immediately. How can we expect the men and women to lay down their lives for this country when they are forced to live in such deplorable conditions upon their return?  I want to vomit. Write your congressman, hell, write the President who signs each order to send these heroes off to war, and let them know how mad this makes you.


I Can Feel It Coming in the Air, Tonight…

Can you feel it too? Every nerve ending in my body is waiting for something major to happen in the next year. Its sort of like a dog who can sense an earthquake, or horses going stir crazy when the pressure drops signalling a tornado.

I don’t know if its going to be another major terrorist attack or if the war with Iran will actually happen, but the famed biblical four horsemen are certainly saddling their horses. I really don’t like being a harbinger of doom, but if you look at all the strife happening about this entire world right now, the only thing missing is the sheer panic of an impending apocalypse. The western world is too busy gawking at their plasma screen TVs while the poorer countries are scrimping enough food together in light of the odd weather. My son came home from church this morning talking of the end of the world.

With the decline of the dollar, the current economic downtrend, inflation, the price of oil, the ongoing expensive cost of the war in Iraq, the earthquakes, the floods, the fighting, and the strife plaguing the globe, I’m surprised more people aren’t building bomb shelters in their backyards. At this point, I’d welcome an alien invasion. It might be the only thing that keeps the human race from destroying itself.

It’s almost as if apathy is going to be our biggest downfall. We’ll argue until we’re blue in the face that global warming does or doesn’t exist, and in that time we could have planted a few trees.

We cringe at the price of gas, and yet we still seem to need our full size SUVs.

Governments continue to send in their troops to an untenable war and as long as we have Starbucks and McDonalds, we’re content to debate instead of actually doing anything.

So in an effort to make you feel slightly guilty and kick your ass into action, here is what I did the last few days (while sick mind you.)

I gave my umbrella to a woman carrying a child in heavy rain. Four people watched as she stood at the bus stop carrying a 4 month old little girl with nothing but a drenched blanket to cover them both. The bystanders all had large umbrellas and I was the only person who offered my dry bright red sanctuary. Seeing that she’d have to walk further, I gave her my umbrella to keep.

I donated a turkey to a hungry family for this Thanksgiving this weekend. I sent an f-ton of books and toys and video games to the Boston Children’s Hospital via Child’s Play, so that kids who may have to spend the holidays in a hospital bed will have something to do by themselves or with their families.

I donated money to a bake sale for the food share program in my community. I even played the word game that donates rice to under-developed countries for every word definition you correctly select.

No, I’m not saying these things because I want to be recognized for my selflessness, I’m basically saying this to make you go out and do something. In fact, why are you still reading this? Stave off an impending apocalypse of apathy by helping someone, planting something or being an overall generous person today.

Please, because between you and me, I’d rather not hear the sound of approaching hooves.

Yet Another Reason Organized Religion Scares Me…

Reverend Dollar rakes in the big bucks!

I consider myself a loving Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ, and I believe in God the Father. However, there are some things that just scare me about organized religion. While some may find solace in its ritualistic embrace, it’s the Mediavangelists that really give me the creeps. On the rare occasion that I’m channel surfing on a Sunday, or oddly enough, late at night, it’s akin to the big top coming to town.

It looks like my fears are not that crazy either, according to the article linked above, some of the late night peddlers of God’s word are raking in the dough from generous contributions given by needy people.

The Good Reverand Creflo Dollar, (yes, that’s his last name) with the World Changers Church International raked in the moolah totaling around a cool 69 million last year alone.

Out of this article comes one of the best quotes I’ve ever heard from someone who claims to be a preacher:

“Without a doubt, my life is not average,” he said. “But I’d like to say, just because it is excessive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong.”

How is anything in that quote not hysterical? I’m hoping if we ever get to see the second coming of Christ, he beats and casts aside the almighty Dollar like the gamblers and debt collectors in the temples of old, and shoves that Rolls right up his…

Okay, that’s not becoming of a Christian. By the way, last time I spoke with the big man above, Creflo, there was no valet parking in Heaven.

There is however plenty of special valet parking in Hell.

Not a Good Start to the School Year…

I don’t know what to make of it. I was informed today that one of my son’s classes was left unsupervised. During that time, a few kids decided to beat the crap out of someone they considered a ‘snitch’. The pushed the poor boy to the floor and started kicking him.

I don’t know at this point if William knew he was out-numbered and couldn’t intervene, or if his first instinct was to get a teacher, but he ran from the room and grabbed the closest adult who then broke up the fight.

While I am proud of him for trying to fix the situation the only way he knew how, this has left him vunerable to the same prosecution that had befallen the first victim.

So as you can see, with school only one month in session, things are not going so well.

Hopefully with a little parental intervention, and some academic punishment for the bullying students, William won’t end up curled up in the fetal position while being kicked by his fellow students.

If he does end up eating dirt, by God, I’ll take this up with the authorities. While it’s happened since the first school bell rang, children should not be subjected to this behavior.

Parents need to step-up and take responsibility for raising their children not to do this kind of thing from a very early age. Those who don’t, are neglecting their offspring.

Evil cupcakes, inappropriate American flags and dangerous games of tag…

High school bans the American Flag from School Apparel

Colorado Elementary bans the game ‘Tag’ from playground

Birthday cupcakes banned from classroom

Are you kidding me? Lets discuss these one by one, shall we?

A high school bans the American flag from apparel as not to offend other students who can’t wear flags from other countries.

When has showing patriotism ever been inappropriate for this country? You may not like it’s politics, but by God in Heaven, you will never convince me that showing support for this country is ever in bad taste! This out of all of the stories really upset me.

The superintendent of schools in Sampson County calls the situation unfortunate, but says educators didn’t want to be forced to pick and choose which flags should be permissible.

Huh? As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t a time where the American flag isn’t permissible considering the small inane fact that we just happen to live in the United States. This ‘poor baby’ mentality will kill this country if we’re not careful. Pretty soon, you’ll see the banning of books in English because not all people here can read the native language.

This gets a 10 out of 10 on the WTF scale.


The next article was about banning the game of ‘tag’ on a Colorado playground, because some children complained they were being chased unfairly.

It creates conflict on the playground.

Ummm, what? I can see measures being taken if the game is getting violent and kids are being hurt, but banning tag because you’ve got some kids who feel awkward about playing?

Again, this punishing all for the needs of the few mantra is getting out of hand. These kids need to stop being coddled and let alone to experience what growing up actually consist of, lest we start raising another generation that can’t take responsibility for themselves.

If the kids don’t want to play, then don’t play, but don’t take a fun, excercise-filled game away from the kids who want to play just because some babies can’t handle it.


Lastly, we get to the article of birthday cupcakes being banned from a Waterford, CT classroom.

I can understand that kids have allergies, I really can. But as a parent, you need to take the proper precautions. Inform the teacher of your child’s allergy. Have the medication in case of contact with a school nurse. Offer other suggestions at the beginning of the year as to what your son or daughter can have in lieu of the normal celebratory fare.

Are teachers so overwhelmed with authoritative measures like checking to see if anyone is wearing a flag on their shirts that they can’t compromise in situations like these?

This stuff makes me angry, only because we’re allowing the legal system to run our schools. Ops, can’t wear that flag, Michael, it might offend someone in your own country! Ooops, can’t play tag, Jenny, you might make little Tommy cry. Ooops, can’t have those birthday cupcakes, Amy, because of Chrissy’s unprepared parents, everyone has to miss out on your special day.

Give me a break.