There Might Be A Toad in Your Bass Guitar

Inspired by Genevieve Valentine’s post over at Fantasy Magazine, I give you a sexy Tim Curry. The Worst Witch was one of my absolute favorite movies when I was younger. So much so that it inspired me to ride around my front yard on a broomstick.


I just realized I can get the movie at Amazon and I can’t wait to show it to my kids. Diana Rigg, Tim Curry and a little girl named Fairuza Balk who played a small and a big bwitch.

Oh, they grow so fast!

Date My Avatar or Take My Alatar

Thought you might enjoy this one. Allyson put on her Tinkerbell Halloween costume and grabbed her microphone. I never realized how much I listened to this song, until she started grooving and singing!

On a related note, I put this up last Thursday. By Friday, it had over 10K hits on youtube and was rated five stars. Apparently, someone linked it to Felicia Day who then posted it on The Guild’s facebook page along with others.

If you’re not a fan of The Guild — it’s some funny stuff. Take it from a recovering WoW player.

This is a wha?


When I was a child, my mother started a very cool tradition. Every year, my brother and I along with my parents would select new Christmas tree ornaments. One for each of us. It could be something that represented you, a piece of pop-culture that you liked or something pretty.

Being the wicked cool mom that I am, I’ve decided to pass that tradition on to my children. This year as we perused the aisles of Target, an ornament caught my eye.

I liked it because it was kinda cute. Who wouldn’t love a portly, pink pig with cow spots, carrying a heart? To top it off, it’s wearing a crown and glittery angel wings.

Wait, wha?

It’s a loving, fairy princess cow pig. That’s totally friggen awesome.

To get the deeper meaning though, I initially took it as a referral to the mantra “When pigs fly.” That makes the whole thing even funnier because if you’ll notice at the top, it says “Sentimental Memories Collection”. So I guess my question is, for whom would you buy this and why? I bought it cause it’s a mystery, kinda like me.

But ultimately, if you’re buying it for someone else, what exactly are you telling them? Cue imaginary conversation in my head:

Me: I thought of you when I bought this ornament.

You: *Looks quizzically at ornament.*

Me: Yeah, it’s a loving fairy princess cow pig.

You: Are you saying I remind you of a loving fairy princess cow pig?

Me: Um, no. I wasn’t implying…um, okay, how about thinking of it as a statement? “Pigs have finally flown!”

You: Just what are you saying? How could you be that cruel? I said I was eventually going to stop having dream sex with Mike Rowe!

Me: Nevermind. *smash smash smash* Ow, my eye!

Conversations aside, the loving fairy cow pig is going on my damn tree.