New Narration: Escape Pod

I am extremely pleased to say that my narration of Genevieve Valentine’s story, “Carthago Delenda Est” went up yesterday. You can get it here! For all you Itunes listeners, the link is here.

I must say, Genevieve’s story was absolutely incredible. It’s definitely a thinking piece.When I finished editing the voice work and was able to really listen to the story, I was left with many different intriguing questions. ¬†Genevieve is definitely someone to watch right now. She’s also got a story over at Clarkesworld Magazine this month as well.

Thanks to Jeremy Tolbert for letting be a part of a great online audio magazine!

For those looking for more podcasts/narrations — I have updated the list. Go listen to free fiction!

Not only is there the update to Escape Pod, but I’ve put up a link to my poetry narration at Mythic Delirium, and the worldcon reporting via The Sofanauts!