New Narration: Clarkesworld Magazine

It’s been an absolutely busy month for narrations/voice over work. When I got home from WorldCon, I was bombarded with six projects all due relatively soon. This was on top of the four I still had! I’ve whittled down the list to just four left. The newest published narration comes to you from Clarkesworld Magazine.

“White Charles” by Sarah Monette

This piece was particularly pregnant with many characters. In some cases, many of the characters were in a scene with dialogue together. Trying my best to distinguish, I tried different accents. Some I think I nailed. There were a few that I still need to work on. Yet, I think they were necessary in order to make sure the listener knew who was speaking at the time.

As an aside, because I’m eccentric, I have been pronouncing the author’s name with a French flair since well, forever. Since I love getting people’s names right, her last name is pronounced — it’s (mo’ nette) not (monay). Just so you know!

I will also be putting up a new podcast for Pete Hodges as well. That should be going up later tonight. With a new rewrite, we return to the “Loss of Innocence” world. I originally thought the work was excellent, but as Pete has come back to it and tweaked, it’s gone from great to awesome. Can’t wait to see the rest.

New Podcast: The Alchemist – William Introduction


New podcast up for Peter Hodges!

An orphaned 8 year old hides in the ruins of his former home, pursued by a dangerous attacker.  Plainly obvious by the rubble at his feet, someone wants to kill him and will go to any means necessary to complete the task.

“Alchemist – William Introduction”

Story by Peter Hodges
Dramatic Reading by Kate Baker
Music: William’s Theme
by Kate Baker

You can find it here!

If you are asking yourself why this sounds familiar, this is a rewritten and heavily edited chapter. It’s very interesting to see how the story has progressed from the very beginning of the project to the almost-final copy.

New Podcasts: Clarkesworld Magazine & Peter Hodges


Two new free podcasts to tell you about today! 

The first one comes from Hugo nominated Clarkesworld Magazine. I read Nick Mamatas‘,  “Walking with a Ghost” for the June issue. It’s a fun little Lovecraftian story, sure to make your tentacles wriggle. 

You can find it here and on Itunes

The second comes from my best friend’s site – Peter Hodges.  This short excerpt from a post apocalyptic story follows a small band of survivors running from a band of religious zealots. *takes a deep breath*

No, really!

You can find this story here and on Itunes as well.

Anyway, you should visit and listen and all that fun stuff, because I told you to. Mmm… k? 🙂

Favorite Podcasts: Meet Chloe & Dominic

I know I’ve been hitting you with older podcasting work that I’ve done, but this happens to be one of my favorites as well.

After a lengthy voyage by sea, Dominic Grenault sets foot at the shores of Landcaster lands. Meeting with Chloe Montagne at the insistence of her very powerful sister, Dominic assumes command as future ruler of the Lancaster people.

This short excerpt is taken from “The Alchemist” a finished novel by Peter Hodges.

“The Alchemist: Dominic – Part Two”
Story by Peter Hodges
Dramatic Reading by Kate Baker

Part Two

Some of My Favorite Podcasts #2

30 Paces to Wellingham
Story by: Peter Hodges
Narration by: Kate Baker


We follow a traditional warrior on a mission. With precision and expert training, this stranger will go through anything and tear down anything that gets between him/herself and the objective.

I love this one because it just continues to build until the climax. This was a short story that Pete just wrote one night when the creative juices hit him and when I read it, I had to podcast it. Hope you enjoy a listen. Let me know what you think.

Some of My Favorite Podcasts

Things have finally settled down here at casa del Kate and I hope to blog more as time allows. Please forgive the lack of content here. I promise you’ll see more in the days to come.

In other news,  I’ve been working on some new features within Pete’s site, and while I have been rooting around in the depths of the past entries, I’ve come across some very cool things Pete and I have done together. I think I’ll re-post so you may have a listen. 

If you are new here, enjoy the stories and podcasts. If you’re not. Take another listen. Sometimes things are better on the second helping, like lasagna. 🙂


Quietly approaching a house “known” to be haunted, we follow a young man named Jonathan.  Summoning his courage from deep within, he enters through a strangely pristine door to find something that he did not expect.

“Into the Music”

Story by Peter Hodges

Dramatic Reading by Kate Baker

Music: “Nocture” by Ekho “Winter Story” by Grigor Iliev

Into the music

Happy Halloween

This picture is mainly for Shawn and the good folks over at Linux Journal. However, if you are like me and a warm lover that embraces Halloween for the great costumes, stale candy and ability to dress up like your favorite super hero/alien/villian, then feel free to gawk as well.

I’m relatively new on the whole pumpkin carving into something realistic thing, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to carve out Tux’s tummy, alas, I did. So unfortunately this Halloween, he spews Linux goodness from the bowels of well, uh, his bowels.


“A Loss of Innocence” – Part Two (Audio)

It’s up ovah here.

We follow Michael Collins deeper into enemy territory, watching the Solarian Marine Corps at their deadliest. The fate of a Rak’lan alien is dealt with as the skirmish ends an in turn sparks a debate about our own grasp of humanity.  

A Loss of Innocence  – Part Two
Story by Peter Hodges
Dramatic Reading by Kate Baker
Music: “Zombie Space Armageddon” & “23rd Century Monk” by Kate Baker

“A Loss of Innocence” – Audio – Part One

If you haven’t done so already, please go here and listen to the new version of “A Loss of Innocence” written by Peter Hodges and read by yours truly.

I am going to have a lot of fun doing this audio book, oh yes.

Michael Collins was a marine. He should have been a doctor. 

Michael Collins was like any other high school senior. He wanted to get even with the Rak’Lan for destroying San Francisco and Shanghai. He wanted to know the truth about the disastrous first contact with an alien race around the orbit of Jupiter…and he was willing to put his life on the line in the service of humanity much to the dismay of the people who loved him the most.

His parents.

A Loss of Innocence  – Part One
Story by Peter Hodges
Dramatic Reading by Kate Baker
Music: “Leaving Home” by Kate Baker