New Clarkesworld, StarShipSofa & Mythic Delirium Narrations!

I can’t say it enough — I love this job. I love being able to dive into the roots of a story and become the characters within the tale. 

I’ve updated my Podcast/Audio Narration page with the following entries:

Clarkesworld Magazine

Short Story Narration – “From the Lost Diary of TreeFrog7? by Nnedi Okorafor

Mythic Delirium

Poetry Narration – “Genesis” by Holly Dworken Cooley (This is under the Feature Poems section)


Poetry Narration – “Black Holes Hold Thier Breath” by Mike Allen(Episode 81)

Poetry Narration – “Epochs in Exile” by Mike Allen and Charles Saplak (Episode 80)

Short Story Narration – “Standing Room Only” by Karen Joy Fowler (Episode 79)


I’ve got four more stories still to be recorded for both StarShipSofa and If you like what you hear, please continue to support these great Magazines.  As always — thanks for listening! Always feel free to leave comments or drop me a line at kate(at)anaedream(dot)com if you’ve enjoyed a story or would like to query me for voice narration!

Thanks again!

Also — if you are a member of this year’s Worldcon, please consider Clarkesworld Magazine for the 2009 SemiProzine Hugo Award. (It would make me VERY happy).

Updated the Narration Page

For those of you who like your links, I’ve updated the podcast/audio narration page on this site. It now includes the new Clarkesworld Magazine audio narration and the poetry I read for Starshipsofa

Just an FYI – I have a few stories and poems coming up and I’ll post another little nugget here when I do see them in the wild. 

“Blow Job Red” by Laura Anne Gilman (for inclusion in

“Fork Points” by Sheila Finch (For SSS)

“Black Holes” poetry by Mike Allen (for SSS)

“Epochs in Exile” poetry by Mike Allen (for SSS)

“The Strip Search” poetry by Mike Allen (For SSS)

“Journey to Kailash” poetry by Mike Allen (For SSS)

“Standing Room Only” by Karen Joy Fowler (For SSS)

“Zealotry in 3 Acts” by Peter Hodges (for his website)

With five more yet to be recorded. 🙂 I like this job and I always will. Thank you to those who’ve made it possible and continue to listen!

New Audio Narrations – Clarkesworld & Starshipsofa!

It’s been a busy few weeks in audio narration for me.

This is very good news. I have done a few corporate presentations, a few phone greetings and I’ve turned in several poems and short stories to various e-zines and podcasting sites. 

The bad news is that I’ve come down with some sort of sickness affecting my lungs, nose and throat. I have no voice left and it feels like I’m swallowing cut glass everytime I take a drink or eat anything. Fun times. 

Regardless of my current ailment, I wanted to let you know about two great sites for which I’ve done recent audio narration. They have published in the last few days so grab some headphones and dig in. 

Starshipsofa – I read a poem called Angel Bites by Tim Pratt. I wanted to have a little fun with the narration on this one, only because everytime I read it, one of those US pharma commercials promoting some sort of miracle drug popped up in my head.  

Narration continues for upcoming podcasts with the great Tony C. Smith and SSS , as I have turned in a lot of poems and two short stories. Once my throat is better, there are two more waiting to be read.  

Clarkesworld MagazineHerding Vegetable Sheep by Ekatarina Sedia. This story was an absolute joy to read and I hope I do the story justice. This March issue also features an interview with Tobias Buckell and another story entitled The Loyalty of Birds by Rachel Sobel. Eligible for a Hugo this year in Montreal, I hope they are not only on the ballot but that they win.  This is a fantastic publication.  Support them in any way you can. 


Both Clarkesworld Magazine and Starshipsofa can be followed on Twitter. I highly suggest you do so. 🙂