I Got To Read A Peter Watts Story for Clarkesworld!!!111

So I can’t really contain my excitement on this one. Peter Watts is one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  I got to briefly chat with him after a reading he did of “The Things” at Worldcon. He had only read part of the fantastic story but it was too late. I was hooked. I wanted more.

As I say in the few minutes before the story gets going on the podcast, you can imagine my utter delight and many squees when Neil told me we were putting up the story for January. What a way to start 2010!

Without sounding like a total fangirl here, this story is awesome on so many levels. With anything in the written or spoken word, your imagination has to do all the work. Once the writer and/or narrator start laying the canvas, it’s ultimately how you arrange the paint in your head. The artists give you the broad strokes. This story is almost an Alfred Hitchcock approach to imagery, by dancing around the grotesque, your mind is left to make up the difference. Wholly more terrifying in parts if you ask me. Words cue mental pictures and depending on your life experiences, there are moments within “The Things” which send shivers up your delicate spine and invite introspection.  Peter has the gift of making me question what it really means to be human.

I hope you’ll go read or listen to this month’s Clarkesworld Magazine. You won’t be disappointed. As always — please leave comments on both stories and podcasts. If you are an audiophile, please consider subscribing to the Itunes feed or Podcast Alley.

As I’ve also mentioned, we’ll be putting out two podcasts a month now. Aren’t you excited now? I know I am!

I like to say that I have one of the best jobs in the world. I do. Oh, how I do!

The Things by Peter Watts

All the King’s Monsters by Megan Arkenberg

Lucius Shepard: An Expatriate Writer of Exotic Tales
by Jason S. Ridler

Video Game Sci-Fi Comes of Age
by Brian Trent

2009 Reader’s Poll and Contest
by Neil Clarke

Narrations, Narrations, Narrations! *AKA Podcasts News*

microphoneI have realized that in the hustle and bustle of the past and forthcoming holidays, that I have neglected to mention that I have new narrations! I have been absolutely wonderfully lucky to have read for some of the best in the SF/F field and I hope the requests keep coming! I love doing this stuff!

Instead of getting a Google alert that mentioned Jon and Kate Plus 8, I actually had some good plugs on various blogs and sites for this week regarding some recent podcasts. Here are the most recent offerings:

The Uncanny Valley” by Nick Mamatas was posted three weeks ago on Escape Pod.
“After the Fire” by Aliette de Bodard was posted two weeks ago by StarShipSofa.
“Pirate Solutions” by Kathryn Sparrow was posted last week on Escape Pod.
“Night in Dark Perfection” by Richard Parks was posted yesterday on Clarkesworld Magazine.

I’ve also turned in readings to Mike Allen over at Mythic Delirium (2 poems), the good folks over at Dunesteef Audio. (They have the most fun with their recordings!) and I have two left to get done for Escape Pod and StarShip Sofa. Once those are posted, I’ll update the site.

A funny story regarding the “Pirate Solutions” story over on Escape Pod. I had sent two versions of the short narration to Jeremy Tolbert. One with my normal American accent and one with my best attempted English Accent. What’s a pirate story without an English accent! (I’m looking at YOU Johnny Depp.)  I figured if he thought the accent didn’t fit with the rest of the readers, he could with my normal husky voice. He ultimately chose the English accent. As I was surfing the mostly (*gasp*) positive comments on the EP forums, a member by the name of Yaksox posted: Can we have the English woman read more stories, please?


In Other Podcasting News:

StarShipSofa is also taking nominations for the Sofanaut Awards, so if you haven’t gone over to nominate your favorites, take a few seconds to do so now!

I’d also like to shout out the wonderful thing Tony C. Smith & writer Larry Santoro are doing to raise money for Spider and Jeanne Robinson in their time of need. StarShipSofa is releasing a free original audio story from Larry. You can purchase the ebook via Paypal or a credit card starting at 2.00 GPB ranging up to 100 GBP if you would like to contribute more to Spider and Jeanne as they continue her treatment for cancer.

I am also going to shamelessly and most enthusiastically plug the Clarkesworld Magazine Citizenship Drive. We’re still aiming for 400 new citizens by the end of the year and if you suddenly looked up at your calendar and were like, HOLY CRAP IT’S ALREADY DECEMBER, you have a little under a month to get in those donations. All it takes is $10.00. Higher donations have some nice incentives. Plus you get to be my minion. Clarkesworld is a labor of love that runs on book sales from its yearly publication and donations from you. So thank you if you’ve already donated!

That’s all for now! We now return you to our normally scheduled program.

Be Mah Minion or (AKA The Clarkesworld Citizenship Drive)

citizen3Hey you!

Yes, you.

 Do you have $10.00? You do?! That’s excellent news! For just $10.00 (or more), you can become one of my loyal subjects in the Clarkesworld Magazine Citizenship Drive! We’re hoping to hit 400 new citizens by the end of the year and we need your help. The details of what your donations will count towards can be found on that link. Clarkesworld Magazine depends on support from the SF/F Community to keep running and bringing you stories from both established and new authors.

I also want to surpass Princess Cheryl in her minion count  so far as well, and I can only do that with your help! I have one donation to her eight. Help me overcome her tyranny! 😉

Thank you in advance for supporting something that means so much to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed joining the staff at Clarkesworld. Anything you can do is much appreciated!

New Narration for Clarkesworld Magazine

cw_38_300Can I pass out now? I don’t think I’ve been this busy narrating for a very long time! Not that I’m necessarily complaining. It’s a nice warm feeling throughout my whole body when people like what they hear and want more! On that note, on my second month on the job with Clarkesworld Magazine – I’m narrating a story by Cat Rambo! Please go take a listen if you have some time to spare.

The other content this month is well worth a look as well!

The Mermaids Singing Each to Each
by Cat Rambo

Brief Candle
by Jason K. Chapman

The Fantastic Spectrum of Elizabeth Hand
by Jason S. Ridler

Modern Genetics in the World of Fiction
by Roger Moraga

New Narrations: Clarkesworld & StarShipSofa

Hey Guys and Girls!

In the craziness that has been my life for the past month, I neglected to mention that I had two narrations up! I’ve got four to get done and a finished one waiting pub.

cw_30_350 “Spar”by Hugo & Nebula nominee  Kij Johnson is up at Clarkesworld Magazine. (Did I mention I like, work for them now? *Squee*) It’s full of adult themes and language, so if that kind of stuff makes you queasy, best to avoid. It’ll be on the home page for about another week, then get drops back into archives/audio fiction, so please, go take a listen.

“The Reflection of Memory” by Writer’s of the Future winner, CL Holland is up at StarShipSofa. This podcast on the fantasy side of the SF/F genre.

Both are excellent pieces of writing and I hope I do them justice!

If you have a moment after listening, I’m always craving constructive feedback.

While I got you — Look for a new Nick Mamatas story coming soon to Escape Pod as well!

The Podcast WhirlWind (aka Awesome News!)

Some big news to report on multiple fronts!

I’ve been invited to be “Podcast Director” (get a load of the official title) for Clarkesworld Magazine! That’s right, I’ve joined the staff of the Hugo Nominated Magazine! What will I be doing, exactly? I’ll be coordinating podcasts for the monthly releases, and introducing some new and exciting content as the magazine continues to grow.

Do me a favor? Mention the magazine to your friends, have them mention us to their friends! (I can actually say “us” now! *Squee*)

In other news, I’ve been interviewed by the wonderful Charles Tan over at Bibliophile Stalker. I am quite humbled as this was my first interview ever, but Charles made me feel welcome. Thanks, Charles. You’re the best!

I also have a narration up at Escape Pod as well this week. You should go over there and take a listen! “The Kindness of Strangers” by Nancy Kress opens discussion about our true selves. When disaster of epic proportion, propagated by aliens strikes, who do we become? Do we change or do we show our true colors?  Two more narrations are  in the pipeline for Jeremy Tolbert and the good folks at EP.

I will also have another narration up on Clarkesworld as we hit October 1st. I can’t say much about this one and will update the blog when it comes around. As a narrator, I am still digesting and it’s been a few days since I read it.

Tony C. Smith with StarShipSofa has given me another story to add to the two I’m still working on as well. Again, I’ll update when those are done and published.

I’ve updated the podcasts/narration page with the stuff that is just recently out. Enjoy!

It’s been a whirlwind and I have only to thank those of you who have cheered me on, listened and recommended my readings to others. You guys get all the credit here. Not me.

New Narration: Clarkesworld Magazine

It’s been an absolutely busy month for narrations/voice over work. When I got home from WorldCon, I was bombarded with six projects all due relatively soon. This was on top of the four I still had! I’ve whittled down the list to just four left. The newest published narration comes to you from Clarkesworld Magazine.

“White Charles” by Sarah Monette

This piece was particularly pregnant with many characters. In some cases, many of the characters were in a scene with dialogue together. Trying my best to distinguish, I tried different accents. Some I think I nailed. There were a few that I still need to work on. Yet, I think they were necessary in order to make sure the listener knew who was speaking at the time.

As an aside, because I’m eccentric, I have been pronouncing the author’s name with a French flair since well, forever. Since I love getting people’s names right, her last name is pronounced — it’s (mo’ nette) not (monay). Just so you know!

I will also be putting up a new podcast for Pete Hodges as well. That should be going up later tonight. With a new rewrite, we return to the “Loss of Innocence” world. I originally thought the work was excellent, but as Pete has come back to it and tweaked, it’s gone from great to awesome. Can’t wait to see the rest.

My First Day #WorldCon09 – Friday

I was a little apprehensive as I got in the car for the five hour drive to Montreal. Two of the people I was supposed to be hanging with, ended up cancelling. I was on my own. I thought about not coming myself, but then I thought — “Go. You will thank yourself later.”

WorldCon Friday 006

(The view from my hotel room.)

WorldCon Friday 007

(I have a motherfucking panelist name card.)

As I was going up the elevator to my room last night around 2 a.m — I was thanking myself. Not only did I get up in front of total strangers and sing and play guitar at the Tor.com party, but I had people coming up to me all night telling me how awesome I did. I don’t do these things often, but it felt really good. I ended up singing “Still Alive” by Jonathan Coulton. Big hit at a geek party. So much so, when I started, there were an influx of people curious as to what was going on in the suite. I got a rousing round of applause when I was finished. If I was ever looking for a self confidence boost, that was certainly it.

Pablo Defendini knows how to throw a party. While I left around 2 a.m — his tweet this morning stated the party actually ended around 4:40. I wonder if he will actually be walking today or crawling. John Joseph Adams and John Scalzi were also there as were many cool people. I was dubbed groupie and was happily fetching the Scalzinator water, so I didn’t get a picture or video of him singing a Journey song in his best falsetto. 🙂

WorldCon Friday 002

(Pablo Defendini totally rocking out.)

WorldCon Friday 004

(John Joseph Adams doing his best Kurt Cobain impression — and he was awesome.)

As the night continued, I meandered about to different parties around the Delta Centre-Ville. The English know how to throw a party. Great atmosphere and interesting food. At the Japanese hosted party, I got to try a Japanese pizza, which was delicious. I then met up with the most awesome Neil Clarke talked for a bit until we ambushed Patrick Rothfuss. I can’t stress that even with all the pressure to get out book 2 in The Name of Wind series, he is still a warm and wonderful person with whom to talk.

I will be writing more on the notes I took during the Campbell Award panel. John Scalzi, Mary Robinette Kowal, Jay Lake, Elizabeth Bear, Wen Spencer and Cory Doctorow were very interesting and funny.

Today — I am off to a reading, then my writing workshop. I am being critiqued by Jay Lake and Mary Robinette Kowal. Not a bad lot to draw, IMO. 🙂 Two Campbell Award winners helping me with my shitty writing, yeah, I think I hit the jackpot there.

Then, I hoof it from the Delta Centre-Ville back to the convention center where I moderate the podcasting panel at 3:30 EST. I’ve got all my notes, just need all my nerves.

So far, the con is well worth it and I’m having so much fun.

Congrats to Clarkesworld Magazine for winning a Chesley Award as well. Still keeping my fingers crossed for the Hugo tomorrow.

New Podcasts: Clarkesworld Magazine & Peter Hodges


Two new free podcasts to tell you about today! 

The first one comes from Hugo nominated Clarkesworld Magazine. I read Nick Mamatas‘,  “Walking with a Ghost” for the June issue. It’s a fun little Lovecraftian story, sure to make your tentacles wriggle. 

You can find it here and on Itunes

The second comes from my best friend’s site – Peter Hodges.  This short excerpt from a post apocalyptic story follows a small band of survivors running from a band of religious zealots. *takes a deep breath*

No, really!

You can find this story here and on Itunes as well.

Anyway, you should visit and listen and all that fun stuff, because I told you to. Mmm… k? 🙂

I Have Podcast Reviews?!?!

You like me?!?! You really like me! (errr…)

So color me intimidated.  I was trying to put together a small little podcasting portfolio for voice work and idly wondered if anyone had posted anything regarding any of my projects. Considering the growing popularity of Clarkesworld Magazine with its Hugo Nomination, I was really happy to find a few positive notes regarding my recent readings for them. 

(Secretly jumps up and down with enthusiasm while you’re not looking)

On that last review, while the bulk of it was good, I think I was a bit anxious on the first story I did for Neil, so I toned it down not to make a complete and utter fool of myself. That won’t be happening again. 😉

Clarkesworld Magazine Issue #32
From The Lost Diary of Treefrog7 by Nnedi Okorafor
Review by Charles Tan – Bibliophile Stalker

Kate Baker’s reading of the story is impressive. Aside from all the sound effects, Baker draws out the emotion from the protagonist, whether it’s genuinely moaning in pain to sharing her frustration with her husband. There’s also the usual praises for Clarkesworld such as fluency and clear audio.

Read the full review of the Clarkesworld Magazine Issue — here


Clarkesworld Magazine Issue #30
Herding Vegetable Sheep – Ekatarina Sedia
Review by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro – The Fix 

Kate Baker provides my favorite podcast from Clarkesworld this year, reading “Herding Vegetable Sheep.” I really enjoyed her interpretations of the rhythms in Sedia’s prose, and the subtle voice characterization. My only wish is that she’d read Sobel’s story instead, which I feel might have made, overall, for a more affecting listening experience.

Read the full review of the Clarkesworld Magazine Issue — here. 


Clarkesworld Magazine Issue #30
Herding Vegetable Sheep – Ekatarina Sedia
Review by Charles Tan – Bibliophile Stalker

For the most part, Kate Baker’s reading was impressive. What particularly struck me was how Baker voiced the mother who was supposed to be crying. When she speaks, she really sounds like she has a cold and perfect for the role. Aside from that, it’s the usual fluent and steady voice that characterizes the other Clarkesworld podcasts.  

Read the full review of the Clarkesworld Magazine Issue — here


Clarkesworld Magazine Issue #28
Celadon by Desirina Boskovich
Review by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro – The Fix 

Kate Baker’s enjoyably serene and low-key reading of Boskovich’s story draws out its lyrical qualities, adding to the dreamlike feel of the otherworldly sequences. 

Read the full review of the Clarkesworld Magazine Issue — here. 


Clarkesworld Magazine Issue #28
Celadon by Desirina Boskovich
Review by Charles Tan – Bibliophile Stalker

Kate Baker reads “Celadon” and she’s competent. A good bulk of the story is narration and she’s up to the task as she’s fluent and consistent. There’s little dialogue and that’s perhaps a good thing as Baker doesn’t really distinguish between the various characters and I feel her voice is too even. She’s expressive though when it comes to the reactions of the characters and one can sense the anxiety of the narrator or the detachment of the anthropologists. 

Read the full review of the Clarkesworld Magazine Issue — here