New Instrumental – Airset Alphabet

Started this while watching Allie in Karate. Think I’ll use it for Clarkesworld intros/outros in the future, or perhaps shorten it and put some lyrics to it.

Let me know what you think?

3 thoughts on “New Instrumental – Airset Alphabet

  1. I think it’s quite nice and very fitting, but Id love to find out the name of the one currently in use for the CW outro so I can listen to it while I work…

  2. Jason fryer says:

    I rather like this… The fourth quarter, in particular, if dropped to low volume would be a lovely background for the podcast.

    Btw, might I suggest (if you’ve not listened to it already) the band, Solar Fields? Listening to your music, I believe you’d enjoy them:

  3. nice! fits right in with CW
    0:40 like the bass.. more levels!
    1:25, my favourite (more bass!)
    1:50 nice syncopated beat 🙂
    thanks for sharing!

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