New Instrumental – “What it Should Have Been”

As we approach the new year, I like to refresh some of the music I use at the beginning and end of the Clarkesworld podcasts. Was playing around with some editing tools recently and finished this one.


My friend James said it reminded him of old-school video game mixed with house music. I think I agree with that assessment.

2 thoughts on “New Instrumental – “What it Should Have Been”

  1. I love this song, its so upbeat and everytime I hear it on the podcast I get myself ready for a beautiful, or frightful, or sad story that is so engrossing by the wonderful narrator. You are truly a wonderful voice for the podcasts. Keep it up Kate, you are well thought of by all your listeners. I just listened to Ship’s Brother, what a emotionally charged story. Wonderful reading and I could tell that you really got into it emotionally. Sorry I heard your voice quiver and shudder, and get nasal, you really get yourself into these stories. Love every single one!

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