The Doctor’s Wife Recap

More often than not when I read Neil Gaiman’s writing, I end up blubbering at the end. This week’s Doctor Who episode penned by the master storyteller was no exception. There is humanity and truth in Gaiman’s tales and most importantly a reminder of how precious our lives are beyond the books we’re holding and the TVs we are watching.

This episode spelled redemption for the Doctor. After hundreds of years of carrying around the guilt for stealing the TARDIS, it is the heart and soul of the living entity that claims to have stolen him. It was “her” wish to travel the universe and no other man was brave enough to accompany her.

This wasn’t about the thing that ripped the soul from the body and stole it. This wasn’t even about Amy and Rory getting lost in the depths of the blue police box. This episode was about the whispers heard and felt within the joined hearts and minds of two soul mates.

This episode was about finishing each other sentences, feeling passion for each other and working together to solve a crisis. A romance that was wholly embodied in a warm and brilliant script. Above all else, this was about love, about not wasting opportunities to tell someone how much you feel, to cherish each moment you have and to truly live your life as it is as fleeting and fragile as each passing heartbeat. (In this case, a double rhythm.)

Well done, Mr. Gaiman. Only now is the color of both sadness and hope draining from my cheeks.

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