Looking Out the Window of My Mother’s Hospital Room

Mom was admitted into the hospital on Sunday of last week, with what we thought was pneumonia and a coumadin bleed. After some concern by Pulmonary experts, she has undergone a few scans and procedures. She took a turn for the worse last night when her oxygen dropped and the threat of a respirator lingered. She has since calmed her coughing and bleed and today but the threat of intubation remains should she have another spell.  She’s asked me to transcribe her thoughts and update her condition when we can and the first post is below. I have instructed her to try and stay positive as you’ll see below.

(Copied from her site)

Frozen In The Snow Lie Roses Sleeping

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(Mom’s own words as transcribed by me)

I am about to enter surgery with some possibilty of relief or possibility of being scared to death. We are in the middle of a New England Blizzard and I am lying here in an ICU bed, meeting and greeting with doctors. My window is open and I am seeing furious wind-driven snow. Last night I was told I would be silent and I called my daughter and she drove through this, so she could hear my voice in person. She sits with me now typing my thoughts.
I face this procedure with fear, but also surrounded by great love.

I am confident that in the spring the roses will bloom and I will be here to witness and photograph them. There will be no picture today because the white screen perfectly expresses my feelings. The white screen is a picture of hope, love, and empty space to write the rest of my life and the future that I have. There is pure light and pure love.

Addendum for Kate:

The last twenty four hours have been an emotional roller coaster. There has been uncertain speculation coupled with moments of fear and then minutes of relief. Luckily in the past 14 hours, those minutes have been expanding.  The one thing that is of any certainty however, is the in-pouring of prayers and love. Thank you. She needs all the positive thoughts in the world right now, and I know we can give them to her.

Please feel free to leave her comments of support. Once we have some confirmed prognosis, or if she wants to talk a bit more, I will update the site.

9 thoughts on “Looking Out the Window of My Mother’s Hospital Room

  1. Sandi says:

    Kate, your Mom and family are in my prayers. Remember that “Faith keeps the person that keeps the Faith” ~Mother Teresa. Know that everyone is keeping the faith that your Mom will get through this. Lots of Love!

  2. Janice says:

    Ellen you are such a good writer. You just go right for my heart. I love you and will be out there by the latest sunday . I believe you and in you. I will see you soon. Keep up with the great vision of a great life . no matter what ANYONE says. Janice

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