World Fantasy Convention Wrap-Up

This was my first World Fantasy Convention. I’ve never been to one, so I was a bit surprised at the lack of panels, however conversation with friends old and new made up for everything that was lacking. 

I got to meet some very wonderful people at this convention namely, the sweet Christie Yant, the wonderful Brenda Cooper, Functional Nerd Patrick Hester, SF Signal Guru John “Turturo” DeNardo and the Goddess otherwise known as Cat Valente. While there I chatted with the likes of Brent Bowen, John Anealio and Nick Mamatas. I met some of the rest of the super awesome Clarkesworld staff;   Nayad Monroe, Daniel Robichaud and Jamie Lackey were amazing.  Altered Fluid members, Matt Kressel, Paul Berger, David Mercurio Rivera and Raj Khanna were ever awesome in both their companionship and spirit.  I gave hugs to Sarah Goslee, Jeff Hentosz, and Jeremy Tolbert and talked quite awhile with a Ferrett. There are of course others, and I hate to name drop, but these were the people with whom I conversed the most.

The ever nice and born-to-give-me-hell Neil Clarke was there along with Sean and Jen Wallace. They happened to bring their newborn twins along and I was in heaven the few hours I got to spend rocking and holding. Unfortunately the rumor I tried to start that one of the girls was Neil Gaiman and my love child failed to take off, but more than one person congratulated Neil Clarke and I on our new twins as we tried to get the Wallace babies to sleep for their REAL parents.

Speaking of rumors, you might have heard that I record my narrations in one take, with no mistakes. This is absolutely true. More on that later, but I did enjoy coming home to these tweets:

  1. atfmb  FYI – @Kate_Baker Rocks. She is The Voice & The Legend. That is all.
  2. daemonrange @Kate_Baker And the legend of “one-take Kate” lives on … Glad we could contribute to the smoky voice. 🙂

Note to self – prepare a box to ship the bag o’books home that you receive at the convention. I was cursing myself that I hadn’t as I dragged what felt like 50 lbs around the airport on connections. Speaking of airports and airlines, the con got off to a rocky start when I arrived to Columbus to no checked bag. According to Delta, my bag was running up a bar tab in Detroit. After repeated calls, they finally delivered it to the hotel around midnight.

Despite my claims of being socially awkward, I did have a fantastic time and it was thanks to all those wonderful people mentioned above. Would I go again to a WFC? Absolutely. Maybe not San Diego next year, although my love child’s father is the GOH, but most definitely to Toronto.

4 thoughts on “World Fantasy Convention Wrap-Up

  1. Definitely come to Toronto! N.K. Jemisin has stated elsewhere that she’s thinking of coming. It would be great to have two of the Scalzi guest bloggers at the same convention. I’m planning on making the Toronto one my first WFC.

  2. Funny … once I can get to my con post, I was going to mention the hugging. First, I think you were handing our more hugs than those listed above, but you weren’t the only one. I saw — and participated in — so many hug sessions that I think we’re going to have rename this thing “hugcon.”

    “One-take” it really was a pleasure to meet you!

  3. WendyB_09 says:

    Must have been Delta’s week to mishandle luggage, they lost mine for several hours Monday night. Thus thwarting my plans to get home at a reasonable hour and get to bed early. It was missing between the B Concourse and Baggage claim, they even confirmed it got scanned when it came off the plane.

    And for that fine lack of service I paid $23 dollars extra!

    PS – glad you had a good time at the Con.

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