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Well, you’ve found me.

Whether you followed a link from the Clarkesworld Magazine Staff page, or you heard one of my narrations, welcome! I have lots of things for you do to here. All you have to do is click on one of the buttons above this post. The first one will take you to a list of my podcasts and narrations I’ve done up to this point. The second box will take you to some original music I’ve composed. There are both instrumentals and vocals.

Are you a writer? Are you looking for someone to read your works? The third box will take you to a narration/voice over rates page.

Lastly, I’m assuming if you’ve landed here, you want to know more about me. You see that box with the happy blue monster? Click on her and you’ll be taken to the “Kate” page.

Don’t forget to visit the blog, either. You’ll need to follow that specific RSS feed if you want it to update when I post.

I hope you enjoy your stay here. As always if you have anything to say — don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email via the contact form on the “Kate” page.

5 thoughts on “Narrator, Writer, Singer, Gamer, Geek

  1. Pretty! And there’s a cool little moving thing at the top of the page! (Eric is easily distracted by shiny things! Oo! Shiny!)

    The one criticism I have is the apparent lack of Latin. Yesterday, your website was one of the last bastions defending the mother tongue of the West, and today–English, a degraded Germanic language. (Let’s face facts: any time you mix Germany and France you get an utter disaster: World War II, the English language… the only exception is the hamburger with a side of french fries, which I concede the tastiness of. Mmmmm–burger and fries….) Anyway, I think you should revert the entire page to the beautiful lines of Roman text you had posted here yesterday, reminding us all of the glory that was Rome prior to Vespa scooters and small men saying, “Ciao” a lot, which is what I understand Rome has turned into, an assessment based on nothing more than my prejudices and a movie I saw one time. (As an American, it is my sacred right to therefore consider this an informed opinion–and if Italians don’t like it, maybe they need to remember who saved their asses in World War II! USA! USA! USA!)

    Anyway, the site looks great.

  2. I’m not sure I’m the marrying kind. Maybe we should live in sin a while first.

    (And I’m glad you liked it. You’re welcome.)

  3. tj says:

    Amazing voice and wonderful range as you narrate SF stories. A week after stumbling on the podcast for Clarksworld, I was hooked on listening to your work.

    You have converted me from a leech to a paying supporter, no small feat.


  4. craigr1971 says:

    Kate, I love your confident, sexy-voiced narrations – very strong work. I have only listened to a handful of your voluminous recordings, but I would challenge you in one respect. I have not heard a great range of happy-silly-upbeat Kate narrations. Granted, the Clarksville short stories are morose to down-right-depressing most of the time, but I would love to hear you step out of those somber registers and up into the upbeat.

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