New Clarkesworld Narrations


 “Between Two Dragons” by Yoon Ha Lee

 “January” by Becca De La Rosa

In other news, we’ve been nominated for a 2009 Hugo Award and a Locus Award. I’ve been reading for Clarkesworld since January 2009 and officially became staff in October that same year. You can imagine my elation of being a part of something that is getting recognized in wondrous ways.

I do hope Neil, Sean and Cheryl take home the rocket come August in Australia. I for one will be anxiously biting my nails in anticipation.

I know this is alittle late, but here is the rest of the table of contents for the April 2010 Clarkesworld Magazine edition.
Between Two Dragons
by Yoon Ha Lee
by Becca De La Rosa

Peculiar Notes of Contradiction: A Conversation with N. K. Jemisin
by Jeremy L. C. Jones
We Come in Pieces: The Alien as Metaphor
by Daniel M. Kimmel


Audio Fiction: Between Two Dragons
by Yoon Ha Lee, read by Kate Baker
Audio Fiction: January
by Becca De La Rosa, read by Kate Baker “Bagadurn”
by Aimé Jalon

Stay tuned for more content on May 1st and May 15th!

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