A Little Redecorating – Dining Room Edition

Did you know you can paint in a chair? While I was sidelined with smashed ankle and couldn’t attend either

 LunaCon or PAXEast, I decided to give my living room a little makeover. With the generous help from dad and my son, we transformed my living room into something warm and inviting.

The picture to the right is how the walls looked when we first moved in about two and a half years ago. Unfortunately, those aren’t my couches, but the curtains stayed.

We left the room alone and felt bored with the whole thing. We stopped spending time in there. It was an “apartment” type feel. So we added a splash of color to the walls, brought up some lonely furniture from the basement and decorated with a few new things.

As we pulled down the curtains, we noticed gorgeous windows beneath. We decided against putting them back up.

Here’s the gallery of what now is the living room.

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