Podcast Updates!

January 1st- “The Things” by Peter Watts breaks both visitor and audio download records for Clarkesworld. I continue to be humbled when I take a glance at the numbers.

Some lovely comments on the site included:

Janbo sez: My first visit to Clarkesworld, and I get to hear an excellent audio rendition of a story by one of my favorite writers. Containing my joy will be difficult. Thanks to Kate Baker for the subtle, deliciously inflected reading. I will return — with any luck, accompanied by monetary support for this fine website.


Zontar sez: Wow! I’ve heard some good audio fiction before. I’ve heard audio fiction that expanded on favorite, even beloved works of art or literature. But this is the first time that I’ve heard (or read) a story that actually improved–*fixed*, even–the work from which it stems!

January 15th- Clarkesworld Magazine releases the second audio fiction of the month, All the King’s Monsters” by Megan Arkenberg.

January 25th – The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine released “Excision” for which I did a character for the story.

February 1st – My gig as Podcast Director for Clarkesworld Magazine keeps getting better and better. We released the audio podcast, Torquing Vacuum by Jay Lake! I have a ribbon I received at the Anticipation WorldCon workshop that says, “I Ain’t Jay Lake”. Tis true! I am not Jay Lake, but I got to narrate his work and that is pretty fantastic!

February 15th – The second podcast of this short month is “The Language of the Whirlwind” by Lavie Tidhar.

This whole podcasting thing continues to be surreal. It never gets old and I love having the ability to put my dramatic interpretation on these fantastic stories. As always, while the numbers are showing substantial growth on Clarkesworld with downloads, I always appreciate comments. What did you like about the story? What didn’t you like about the narration? Constructive criticism is always welcome along with flowers and chocolates.

Don’t forget to tell a friend if you like the podcast. You can download the podcasts directly from the site, via the RSS feed, and subscribing via Itunes. I am sure we’re available through other means as well. Speaking of the Itunes subscriptions, if you like what you’ve heard, rating the podcast and leaving comments there too would be awesome. It takes less than a minute to rate the ‘cast and a little more to give a small review.

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