Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

  • Just got home from listening to the Knickerbocker Orchestra and @neilhimself. The whole show was absolutely wonderful. So glad we went. #
  • In NYC waiting for @neilhimself and the knickerbocker orchestra to start. the kids are awestruck. (as am I) #
  • My eight year old wants to see Central Park — to see the Balto statue?? For a minute I was all on board when I thought she said Baltar #
  • Heading down to NYC with 3 kids now instead of just the one to hear @neilhimself tonight. This should be uh, errr, fun! 🙂 #
  • RT @clarkesworld: Mid-month Clarkesworld Podcast: All the King's Monsters by Megan Arkenberg #
  • RT @clarkesworld: Clarkesworld Magazine is open for short fiction submissions: (new guidelines in effect) #
  • I'm selling Girl Scout Cookies, I know you want some, they are so yummy. You can't resist them. (*she sings as she does the PB&J dance*) #
  • Debating on making a deal with the devil. Don't know for what yet. I've already got beauty and wit. Maybe a lot of money… #
  • Putting finishing touches on "All the King's Monsters" by Megan Arkenberg for @Clarkesworld Magazine. Will be put up on the 15th. #
  • RT @MaryRobinette: Blantant Self-Promotion: For those of you Hugo voters, here are my 2009 publications. #
  • RT @blogwhatever: Whateverette: How to help in Haiti #
  • RT @pie_r_round: Pat Robertson makes the case for preventing stupid people from procreating: #
  • Here have a nice airport security colonoscopy to go with your crazy. #
  • To the idiots who say, "I'd rather have bag fee increases than a rise in ticket prices" — It's justifiably the same damn thing. Morons. #
  • Wooo. Surpassed the 1600 dl mark for "The Things" podcast by Peter Watts over @clarkesworld Magazine! #
  • Inbox = 0 — It's definitely a productive day. Have to drive to Boston later, though. 😛 #
  • RT @mightymur: It looks like it might actually come out tomorrow. My first fiction to actually land in book stores: #
  • Out of Sorts Post #fb: Review: Scenting the Dark #

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