The Surreality of My Life Right Now….

1105 downloads in 5 days.

Record breaking viewer traffic.

Numerous RTs on Twitter.

John Scalzi pimped it and Metafilter picked it up, other sites are linking.

The feedback on the various sites have been humbling.

Most importantly — a Mr. Peter Watts even enjoyed it.

I am on cloud nine.

I have one of the best jobs, ever.

3 thoughts on “The Surreality of My Life Right Now….

  1. Simon Garrett says:

    Hi Kate

    I liked that reading soooo much I had to track you down (okay, not hard, but it’s the thought, right?) and tell you about it. Beautifully done, if I may say so, in the manner of a reading that intensely rocks. Never thought I’d feel for that bastard Thing in a million years.

    Do more like that please.


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