My Totally Awesome Day…

…consisted of two minor things.

We got a car wash. There is nothing quite like three kids in the back of a silver CR-V as the automatic machine went to town, set to the music of the opening sequence of Star Wars. We all totally hammed it up. What was even more fun, was when the dryer started, it looked like we were navigating a field of stars at warp speed.

The second most awesome thing was coming home from a Girl Scout meeting. Lexie, Allyson and I all practiced our “evil” laughs. Presumably to get people to buy more Girl Scout cookies.

Aw jea, peeps. It’s cookie time.

The small little segue aside, most times, I really love being a geek mom.

3 thoughts on “My Totally Awesome Day…

  1. I was planning on buying cookies from you (as is my friend Jill) and we’d both love to hear your evil laughs. Would you record your laughter on to an MP3, and in exchange for ordering cookies we could get a copy of it? Just a thought… 🙂

  2. WendyB_09 says:

    I remember my brother & I being facinated the first time we went through a Robo-wash…the little robot unit kept running around the car!

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