I Composed (And Sing) My First Ever Holiday Song! Come Listen!

Simple Proposal

It’s still a little rough and I’m very unconventional with traditional song set-up, but I do that on purpose! I promise.

Let me know if you like it!

9 thoughts on “I Composed (And Sing) My First Ever Holiday Song! Come Listen!

  1. That’s a great song and you perform it well. There’s something just a little off about the production, though I can’t articulate it, because I don’t have that type of knowledge (as you can tell from my podcast). As a first ever, it’s fantastic! I’m going to play it a few more times before I go.

  2. I agree – Kate, you are so seriously talented, WTF are you doing working as an administrative professional? Amazing vocals, multi-instrumentals, composing, editing, podcasting, soundtrack production… you are a one-woman variety show. You rock. 🙂

  3. Holy Shit! That sounds great…all of it.

    Are you the next one in line who will be leaving us behind (i.e. joining Shawn in the “available on Amazon” category)?

  4. lauren says:

    blown away…crying me eyes out……just like the other person said…what the heck are you doing as an adminisrative assistant???

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