WTF? Really?

So I was debating on installing Windows 7 and I saw this article on Gizmodo. This photo is a direct screen shot. Not photochopped. You have my word as a human.

wtf Not only did the browser crash, but the computer locked up, making everything else I did useless. This is a month after a fresh install as well.

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  1. Kate:

    As with most Windows releases, you are probably better off starting with new hardware, unless someone you trust has assured you your hardware is good enough.

    For now, we are staying with XP, which Mrs. H. hates. I want her to purchase a MAC, but that’s a different matter.

    There are many things you cannot do with a Linux desktop yet. I know, ’cause I’ve tried.

    I’ve read Windows 7 articles where the seamless upgrades aren’t. If you’re 32-bit now, you upgrade to 32-bit, and so on and so forth. By the time you’re done, it all seems to point to new hardware, especially if your hardware is three years old or older.

    That’s my take.


  2. If you’re using an older machine, stick with XP.

    If you have a newer machine (one that came pre-installed with Vista in the past year) I’d save everything to an external drive, do a clean install of Windows 7, and then delete the old windows director (I think it’s called windows.bak, but I don’t remember off the top of my head. It may tell you.)

    Windows 7 is better than Vista, but you’re still going to want to do some major tweaking of 7 to deal with some of the annoying “improvements”

  3. WendyB_09 says:

    “Nice XP PC” she says patting her stable 2 year old PC. “If you’re real good, I’ll get you new speakers & a flat panel monitor as soon as I get a new job.”

  4. The “Windows 7” label appears to be mostly marketing: much of the code is identical to Vista’s and W7 apparently will report itself to programs as “Windows 6.1,” which has led some to joke that 7 is really a very expensive service pack. None of which is not a reason to upgrade; rather, the point is that it seems that if you have a system that will actually and truly run Vista (as opposed to “Vista Compatible,” which is misleading), you should (like Michelle suggested) be able to upgrade pretty easily. Otherwise, (also as Michelle said) stick with XP.

    My own disinclination to upgrade my Vista system stems from not wanting to do a clean install and reinstall the games I’m running there. But I haven’t ruled it out. The fact is that, marketing ploy or no, Vista needs a massive service pack along the lines of what 7 seems to be offering. Vista is really and truly as bad as all that, and it does look like 7 addresses most of the big issues. While I’m skeptical about claims that 7 puts Windows ahead of Snow Leopard and robust Linux flavors (a claim that was basically made in Slate this week by their incompetent tech writer, whose name I’m not going to attempt to misspell right now), it’s reasonable to believe that 7 will at least put Windows in the right league. Vista is an OS that manages, improbably enough, to even do the things it does right completely wrong (yes, I’m looking at you when I write this, UAC).

    If you have the system and you’re up for reinstalling all your stuff and you want to spend $200-$400, you should do it. The tougher part of the decision ought to be whether the barer-bones home versions are sufficient for you or whether the improved backups and ability to run virtual versions of XP in the pro versions are necessary/desired. (Indeed, how much are you willing to spend on a version is one of the bigger parts of a decision to upgrade at all, IMHO; it may not be worth the trouble of the upgrade if you’re not willing to spend the extra money for a feature you might need.)

  5. Also, I’ve been playing with WIndows 7 for about a month. The computer I installed it on doesn’t do all the bells and whistles, but I’m pretty clear with it.

    If you have any specific questions, let me know.

    And FWIW, I’m running 7 on a laptop that came installed with Windows XP, and it’s pretty solid. The issue is with graphics rendering–the laptop just doesn’t handle some of the stuff Windows 7 can do.

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