New Narrations: Clarkesworld & StarShipSofa

Hey Guys and Girls!

In the craziness that has been my life for the past month, I neglected to mention that I had two narrations up! I’ve got four to get done and a finished one waiting pub.

cw_30_350 “Spar”by Hugo & Nebula nomineeĀ  Kij Johnson is up at Clarkesworld Magazine. (Did I mention I like, work for them now? *Squee*) It’s full of adult themes and language, so if that kind of stuff makes you queasy, best to avoid. It’ll be on the home page for about another week, then get drops back into archives/audio fiction, so please, go take a listen.

“The Reflection of Memory” by Writer’s of the Future winner, CL Holland is up at StarShipSofa. This podcast on the fantasy side of the SF/F genre.

Both are excellent pieces of writing and I hope I do them justice!

If you have a moment after listening, I’m always craving constructive feedback.

While I got you — Look for a new Nick Mamatas story coming soon to Escape Pod as well!

One thought on “New Narrations: Clarkesworld & StarShipSofa

  1. Gerry says:

    Kate, I love your voice and characterizations.
    I was simply wondering why your narrations are so slow? You are much slower than I speak, than most folks speak (and I’m from Texas and live in Georgia). You are very much slower than I read, and slower than the audiobooks I listen to on a daily basis.
    In “Walking with a Ghost,” I read along as I listened. I noticed several comma pauses in speech that were not in the text.

    I look forward to hearing more of you, but I was just wondering.

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