New Narration: Clarkesworld Magazine

It’s been an absolutely busy month for narrations/voice over work. When I got home from WorldCon, I was bombarded with six projects all due relatively soon. This was on top of the four I still had! I’ve whittled down the list to just four left. The newest published narration comes to you from Clarkesworld Magazine.

“White Charles” by Sarah Monette

This piece was particularly pregnant with many characters. In some cases, many of the characters were in a scene with dialogue together. Trying my best to distinguish, I tried different accents. Some I think I nailed. There were a few that I still need to work on. Yet, I think they were necessary in order to make sure the listener knew who was speaking at the time.

As an aside, because I’m eccentric, I have been pronouncing the author’s name with a French flair since well, forever. Since I love getting people’s names right, her last name is pronounced — it’s (mo’ nette) not (monay). Just so you know!

I will also be putting up a new podcast for Pete Hodges as well. That should be going up later tonight. With a new rewrite, we return to the “Loss of Innocence” world. I originally thought the work was excellent, but as Pete has come back to it and tweaked, it’s gone from great to awesome. Can’t wait to see the rest.

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