The Weekly News and #WorldCon09 Report

My body is still recovering from four lovely days in Montreal at this year’s Worldcon. My mind will need years of repair.

If you are interested, Tony C. Smith has let me take the reigns of The Sofanauts for two days while he is away on vacation.  You can find my first worldcon report here, and the Hugo round-up, here. While you’re on the site, you can also listen to Gord Sellar, the lovely Amy H. Sturgis, and John Joseph Adams.

All in all, it’s a weekend I will never forget.

Some more thoughts:

  1. Rockband is a lot more fun when you have groupies and an audience and alcohol.
  2. While I appreciate and love the plethora of programming available, my feet are filing a restraining order. I wish I had brought my pedometer with me to this con, I am convinced I walked over 10 miles.
  3. I am pretty sure that while in training – the convention center “guards” are taught to use the “evil eye”.
  4. Rooms dedicated for use to the Guest of Honor are always too small, no matter how large the room.
  5. There is an under-appreciated art of badge glancing. Style points for making it look like you are doing something other than desperately looking for a name hanging from someones neck. Negative points for those who walk up, tilt their head, stare at your chest and then walk off.
  6. Contrary to popular belief at cons, eye contact is not a deadly disease.
  7. Not sure if it’s the case, but it seems as if the better the hotel, the worse the internet connection. Although, I was hearing that even the cheaper hotels were having connectivity problems. Maybe bandwidth stealing moose are involved.*
  8. Most audience members are fantastic. There is always that one, though, or in some cases, two who believe they should have been on the panel.
  9. There will always be someone who starts eating an apple or fiddling with a candy in a noisy wrapper right as author starts to read from his/her highly anticipated and upcoming novel.
  10. Escalators are not dress friendly.
  11. Klingon costumes still make me smile.
  12. Most people will go out of their way to offer a grin, a wave or a nod of the head in your direction. Some will not. Some give dirty looks!
  13. By my estimation, it probably took Neil Gaiman thrice as long to make it from one panel to the next based on the mob mentality vs. the five foot rule. **
  14. I was briefly a part of the mob mentality vs. the five foot rule. *fangirlfail*
  15. Neil Clarke is and will continue to be made from the purest awesomesauce even though he made sure to taunt me about *fangirlfail*.
  16. Mary Robinette Kowal does not only look totally gorgeous in dressy Hugo attire, but she’s a kick ass presenter, panelist and friend.
  17. Aside from being beautiful, the hugo is really heavy.***
  18. John and Krissy Scalzi are the nicest (and funniest) people on Earth.
  19. Jay Lake is warm, fuzzy and a really great writing coach.
  20. Jeremy Lassen of Nightshade Books knows how to wear a suit.
  21. Cory Doctorow knows how to wear a tuxedo.
  22. Ellen Kushner is one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.
  23. Peter Watts is totally cool, sexy and engaging in a dark, intelligent, existential sort of way. I mean that in the nicest way possible.
  24. Patrick Rothfuss epitomizes the words, ‘gentleman and scholar’.
  25. Stu Segal was welcoming and reassuring to a girl who felt distinctly out of place.
  26. Cheryl Morgan was beautiful and gracious in a red dress during the best fan writer acceptance speech.
  27. Irishmen (especially those who run semi-prozines), are a riot. I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in a conversation, ever.
  28. Hallways of party floors are super sadistic fun to navigate.
  29. Lines for crowded elevators are super sadistic fun to wait in.
  30. Proper attention to special con rules involving mobbed guests of honor regarding tickets for signings are always good to find out — you know, before they sell out and you’re left with a book you dragged all the way from home in the hopes you could get it signed, only to lament and watch the line go by in the dealer’s room that was full of lucky bastards who were prepared.
  31. Even if you happen to leave your dress shoes in NJ, your tennis shoes will be the envy of all, not only for their comfort but for completing an eclectic stylish ensemble.****
  32. Despite initial mental imagery, the Campbell tiara does look fabulous on men.
  33. Flying the  Hugo Award around like rocket ship toy complete with sound effects during an acceptance speech was totally funny and endearing.*****
  34. I’m wondering why the powers that be decided ‘cloud nine’ was the highest concentrated water vapor level allowed. There really should be ‘cloud 54’ complete with disco music.

Thank you to everyone who made this worldcon something special and ultimately something I will never, ever forget.

*as suggested by Shawn Powers.

**A celebrity with as much rock star status as Neil Gaiman could not move more than five feet in any given situation without a constant crush of people being replaced by a…constant crush of people.

***I got to hold John Scalzi’s hugo. This is a first hand account!

****See Neil Clarkes’ (@clarkesworld) twitter before the Hugo ceremonies.

*****See Frank Wu’s speech.

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  1. Vince says:

    I enjoyed both Sofanauts podcasts and hope you get a chance to redo the interview. You obviously had an awesome time with awesome people, and I am very jealous, but in a nice, non-snarky way.

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