Green: The Color of Luck (My Hugo #Worldcon Dress)

Green is so rich. It’s a color in the Clarkesworld Magazine logo. John Scalzi claims it as a favorite. Jay Lake has written a novel with the name. It’s a hue synonymous with life, of money and lady luck.

This is the dress I picked out for the Hugo Awards coming up this Sunday.

Hopefully, it’ll lend some weal to a few of the nominees that I’m pulling to win.

Floor length, it moves when I do and if you’re attending #Worldcon — you’ll get to see it too.

Now, I just need a date. 🙂

Fix These May 2009 006

11 thoughts on “Green: The Color of Luck (My Hugo #Worldcon Dress)

  1. 9/28/2009…

    What? You said you needed a date. I just gave you one.

    Hot dress, hot lady, hot smile! Have a great time. Knock ’em dead at Worldcon.

  2. I know I’m late here, but: wowsa!

    Glad you ended up having fun at Worldcon! Though, considering how hot you look in that dress, there couldn’t possibly be any other outcome!

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