Rant Yesterday – Cute Today

Instead, have some cute pictures of me when I was a wee one. These came from the slides I scanned for my Grandfather’s funeral. Wasn’t I totally adorable? (You say, “yes” here.)

That should get your mind off the bitch and rants below this post. 😉



2 thoughts on “Rant Yesterday – Cute Today

  1. YES!

    But I don’t need my mind taken off the the rants. I haven’t been personally incensed enough to work up a good rant lately, so I need you and Jim and Janiece, et al, to get my blood stirring.

    How would I know who to be mad at unless my fellow UCFers tell me???

    The recent lack of GF, combined with the remodeling and subsequent restrictions to normalcy mean that I’ve been spending an awful lot of time alone in my house. Alone by myself means I’m hanging with a a bad crowd! You help bring the world back into my door.

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