Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

The only thing I have to say to critics who panned this movie is:

When you go to an amusement park to ride the biggest and fastest roller coaster you can find; do you leave your seat saying to yourself, “Gee, yah, that sucked. It had no story what-so-ever. There was no depth! Wahhhhh.”

Cause really, that’s what a good majority of you sound like and then I remind myself that critics like you don’t go to those sorts of places anyway…

This sequel was spectacular in everything it was designed to do. When I finally got off this blockbuster of a summer ride, my legs were shaking and my adrenaline was pumping.


Oh, and by the way–Josh Duhamel can totally meet me in five minutes for some “Fuck yeah, we just saved the world,” sex. I’d be totally fine with that.

Fergie can come too.

2 thoughts on “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

  1. I did not dislike it, but it seemed very much like the first movie.

    Replace “all spark” with “matrix”, and “megatron” with “the fallen” — pretty much same plot. 🙂

    Still, great effects, lots of stuff blew up, and Megan Fox got to show off her new collagen injected lips. So I guess it’s a win for me too.

  2. Mr. Chris says:

    I agree with your roller coaster analogy but I sympathize a bit with the public. Does wild ride preclude story? Great action flicks give us both. Mediocre ones give us a weak story. From what I gather, people fault Bay neglected the story and characters completely. He’d have done better to just splice 90 minutes of unrelated breath taking action sequences. No story is better than bad story.

    Do you have any plans to watch Blood: The Last Vampire? Either I am enamored by a misleading trailer or I predict this one will fly in under the radar, buried in the Bayhem Hype Machine.

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