Plants VS Zombies

When I first saw this game offered on the PC Steam Platform, I rolled my eyes. “Everyone is capitalizing on this zombie craze! When will it become too much?” I thought as I continued on my way to Counter Strike.

It was only on one lazy Saturday afternoon, I was bored enough where I downloaded the demo and fell in love.

There are 50 levels of pure, addicting fun in this game. The content remains fresh and keeps you on your toes as you progress from front to back yards complete with pools, roof levels, and night and day arenas. This is a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and it’s all the more hilarious because of it. Zombies drive zambonis, emulate the late Michael Jackson in his “Thriller” video, and engage in identity theft by pretending to be your mother.

Once you are done with the boss at level 50, (the only time I was actually eaten in the game) there are loads of things to keep you busy. There are fun little mini-games, puzzles and a fun zombie survival mode which if you’re stressed after playing L4D, this will make you feel better about chances in a plant friendly post apocalyptic world.

If you haven’t tried it, at least grab the demo. I’m not kidding, you will be amused and ultimately wonder where the time has gone. For me, I found out how obsessive compulsive I am while playing this game. Everything had to be planted in symmetry. If I had any plants out of order, I’d dig them up and plant again so everything looked very pretty.


Steam users: Don’t buy this retail. Steam is offering at price points hovering around $7.00 to $9.00, as opposed to the $20.00 seen on the Popcap and Best Buy stores.

Game play hints: Plant at least two rows of sunflowers. I went from level 1-35 planting only one row, and while I didn’t die, the levels went by very slowly. It’s more challenging with less sun, but if you want to utilize the higher powered projectile plants, you want to plant a lot of sunflowers.

Also: Somewhere down the line, you receive a key for beating a level. This unlocks Crazy Dave’s store out the back of his van. Purchase the pool cleaners for the backyard levels. They cross the entire distance of the pool instead of dropping to the bottom like the lawnmowers. If your plants have been eaten and you  are too weak as to set off the last line of defense in the pool, you want to wipe your entire row of attackers to start fresh. 


2 thoughts on “Plants VS Zombies

  1. Mr. Chris says:

    Agreed. I only wish it were easier to backup/transfer/sync all my accomplishments on popcap games like this and Peggle.

  2. durmiun/jason says:

    This game is pure win. My WoW friends got me to play it… and now my wife plays it. and Brian plays it. I think I saw my dog playing it, once. He’s better than me 🙁

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