My Wedding Will Be Like This…

Provided I get married again…

I can’t possibly express how wonderful this is.

3 thoughts on “My Wedding Will Be Like This…

  1. WendyB_09 says:

    I love it. Cracked me up! they were on the Today show one morning this week too! Reminded me of a neighbors wedding many years ago.

    Wedding festivities were pretty normal and traditional until near the end of the post-wedding photo session. The bride & groom had tired & Groomsmen were cracking them up by acting out with a pair of sunglasses while the photographer was trying to get the last couple shots. In a moment of hysterics, the Groom motions for the shades and two pairs are handed over. Bride & Groom start really posing.

    PAID photographer sez that was all, he’d go set up at the reception and won’t take the pics. Groom makes crack about he was being paid to take pictures, to no avail.

    Well, I had one of my pro cameras with me, Groom turns to me and asks if I’d mind taking a couple shots. Heck no, so much better than some of the staid weddings I’d shot in the past. So sunglasses, roses in teeth, all manner of dramatic poses, it was a riot! Took us about 10 minutes as more props were passed around. Then we all went downstairs to the reception like nothing happened.

    Needless to say I presented them with a small albums of the photos I’d done. They wanted to pay me, I refused and let them have the negatives so they could share the photos with the wedding party.
    To this day you will find the traditional framed churchy alter shot in the living room over the fireplace. In the media room, you will find the “Future’s so bright we’ve got to wear shades” version I took and they had done up like a movie poster. How cool is that!! Still have a mini-album I kept did myself, silk rose and all!

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