Into the Storm by Taylor Anderson

It was the whole “busy life” thing that got in the way of my reading. No, really. It seemed like every time I sat down to read the first installment of the “Destroyermen” series, something always pulled me away.

Determined to finally finish it, I did over the past week.  I am certainly glad I did. Into the Storm was fantastic. I have a soft spot for anything involving United States Military, and Taylor certainly didn’t disappoint.

The book opens in World War II, with the USS Walker, a four-stacker WWI era destroyer, running from the Japanese. The sheer momentum under duress by her crew is anxiety inducing. Exactly what you’d feel if you were on lookout for enemy ships or suicidal fighters above.

Cut to mysterious squall, sickening colors and vertigo.

One surprise after another continues to rock the story as it moves along in the strange new world. Confronted with two new sentient species, we quickly find out, the strange raptor dinosaur looking creatures and a full human size lemurian species are at war with one another.

The crew of the Walker, doing their best to understand their current predicament are thrust into the middle of the conflict and are forced to choose a side in one climatic scene. If not only for their own survival and needed repairs, but ultimately for the sake of doing the right thing.

We meet very interesting characters as we travel along the unfamiliar rolling waves of this strange new Pacific,  which in turn, makes the story believable. Some handle the new pressures well, while others can’t seem to complete their faithful duty. Holding on to the only normalcy they have left, most of the men and women of the USS Walker cling to their roles as Destroyermen, if only for the slim sanity it provides in an unsafe reality.

For Taylor Anderson’s freshman effort, I was pleased by his well rounded and professional writing. I wish my first story had sounded nearly as good. Some writers are gifted out of the box, and I had to keep curbing my jealousy of his prose as I continued on with the story.

Having recently just signed another three book deal with Roc, Taylor is busily banging away at book four, while  I’m onto the second book in the series entitled, Crusade.

Taylor Anderson is definitely an author who is growing in popularity–and ultimately, I would love to read other stories as well from him. His attention to character detail and world building is excellent. Most of all, I had fun.

There is a fine line between wanting more from a story and craving more storytelling and I’m very happy to say that Into the Storm follows the latter category.

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2 thoughts on “Into the Storm by Taylor Anderson

  1. Blitzfike says:

    The problem with Taylor is that he doesn’t write fast enough… I am anxiously awaiting the next installment of the Destroyermen series. Blitzfike

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