Sexist EA Games Objectify Women at Comic Con.

Because really, it’s totally okay for women to be sexually harassed when it’s all in good fun.

What the CAPITAL Flying FUCK was EA thinking with this contest? You know I don’t like to swear in my blog posts, but I can not believe a reputable gaming company would treat people like this.

But then again, didn’t Sony sacrifice a goat and offer fresh offal for everyone to eat to celebrate the sequel release of God of War? They had topless women feeding grapes to guests at that party, too.

It’s bad enough when I have to suffer teenage male hormones on MMO games like World of Warcraft, and Age of Conan. But offering up females in the flesh at events like product launches and gaming conventions crosses a line and manages to piss me off all at the same time.

I can see the appeal to young females willing to make some cash at these things by standing around looking ditsy and pretty, but if EA is encouraging its male fan base to grope and oogle, they lose all respect from me. I dont’ think I’ll be purchasing any more EA games.

More often than not, I’m playing FPS games that feature nothing but male characters with guns. The few games I do play that offer female leads, the women in the stories are usually half naked and boob-a-liscious or evil and turn into fire breathing dragons. I don’t know who is doing the storyboarding, but these writers need a serious dose of reality.

If designers can make a realistic, trained man, they should be able to make a realistic, trained female that retains all her clothes.

Regardless, I digress. Naked pixels and the objectification of women on a monitor is one thing. I’m not even saying that is cool, either, but it’s understandable. It’s fake. If a prepubescent teen wants to look at an almost naked night elf ass all day, fine. Not saying he needs extensive amounts of therapy.

But it seems like the decision makers who utilize real, living women the way EA and Sony have done so far, need a lot of psychiatric help.

Shame on you, EA.

4 thoughts on “Sexist EA Games Objectify Women at Comic Con.

  1. I am not a gamer, – the last game I played was the original Starcraft about 10 years ago, so I am coming at this from a total outside perspective. Also from a marketing perspective.

    Women are not the target audience of the majority of video games. Outside of Portal, not many FPS feature women protagonists for the simple reason that the major demographic is pimply-faced adolescent males, and fat, male, basement dwelling holdovers of adolescence.

    You discount the objectification of women within the game itself and are shocked when that attitude spills over into real life. I am shocked that you do not see that attitude as all pervasive to the entire game creating team, if not the entire company. You do not write games like we see on the shelves unless you to some degree see the other sex as objects.

    The game marketers are happy as hell to have women pick op the games, because their sales are free money after they are done fighting for the core market of immature males. But those gaming women are not and never will be the target audience. Stick with games like Portal, or realize that you are giving money to people who view you as nothing more than what sits on your chest and between your legs. Do not kid yourself that a little objectification in the game does not stem from deeper issues.

    I hope these little shits that create the games do not have daughters. Believe me, I am no prude, but when my kids asks me what I do for a living, I would not want to be ashamed to have her aspire to do the same. I am not sure how these people could say that.

  2. Taken from “According to the ESA, 38% of American videogame players and 48% of gaming parents are women. In other countries such as Korea, statistics show as much as 69.5% of women are playing video games. Even so, women’s interests continue to be grossly under-represented, leaving women as single largest untapped market segment in the gaming industry.”

    That’s a pretty big percentage to continually ostracize with stunts like this.

    John, I don’t really discount the objectification of women within the game itself. I’m merely stating that I acknowledge it’s there. I think what I was trying to state was that the lesser evil still remains the fanboys who subscribe to this kind objectification. I am not shocked by the fact in-game boobies exist. I am shocked that corporations like EA continue to prescribe and promote such offerings with the notion it won’t offend a growing female fan base.

    I continually tell my children they must discern between what is reality and fiction. The reason I’m so angry is for two reasons: EA blurs the line with this promotion and they don’t offer games which feature strong, female protagonists.

  3. Justin says:

    I am boycotting EA because of their little “fun-fest.” Its like “Gamers gone wild!” now-days. Frankly, I find their actions grossly offensive, and would boycott Sony as well, except for the fact that I already own their products and they have a major market share. I had no knowledge of their wild topless party until I read this blog. You would think that these companies could find better advertising strategies than these. By marginalizing the majority of their consumers, normal people like you and me, they are marginalizing themselves. They’ll survive though, unless they keep it up. I say, let’s boycott EA for they latest little stunt. I hope they get sued for causing a rape, if one happened(which I pray it did not)

  4. Heh, now I want to put on my market research hat and go check on the data, becuase it does not jibe with my own observations in the video game section.

    I suspect that women do not play as much, and more important, do not buy as many different games. How much of that 38% (if the figure is true) play only SIMS?

    I used to be a market researcher, I am naturally suspicious. 😀

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