Steve Martin – The Crow

So, I got home from A Prairie Home Companion tonight at Tanglewood. What an amazing experience. Guests included Martin Sheen, Arlo Guthrie, Heather Masse and Steve Martin on a banjo.

If you can get to a radio or a computer to listen online, the show was fantastic. I immediately drove home, and downloaded the Steve Martin album and select songs from Heather Masse. I would love to get a recording of some of the few songs she did on the show as they blew me away. That girl can sing.

Anyway, here’s Steve doing the title song off his new album, “The Crow” on Letterman. Oh and by the way — he also wrote it.

5 thoughts on “Steve Martin – The Crow

  1. Vince says:

    Martin has always been an excellent musician, it’s just always taken a back seat to his comedy, writing, and acting. His new CD is excellent.

    Oh, and may I say I am SO jealous? I listen to A Prairie Home Companion and have for years, I have the CD that’s the 20th anniversay (I think) or maybe 25th (too lazy to actuially go look), own most of Keillor’s books, including his poetry compilations, and have Guy Noir on CD. But I’ve never been to a live show.

    You win!

  2. Martin is a phenomenal musician, and he’s up there with Bela Fleck in that performance, who is one of the best musicians I’ve ever seen live. No idea who the fellow is between Martin and Fleck, but he sure as hell wasn’t a sloucher, either.

    Thanks for posting that!

  3. WendyB_09 says:

    I saw the Letterman show that night. Truly incredible performance by Martin. At some point I’ll have to get the CD.

  4. So jealous. I saw A Prairie Home Companion at the Hollywood Bowl a few years ago, which was fantastic, but didn’t have the guests that you were fortunate enough to see.

    I love Steve Martin and knew he was an accomplished banjo player, but I didn’t know he was good enough to hold his own with Bela Fleck. I love Bela Fleck.


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