Failure Is Not An Option: Weightloss

If you’ve been a long time reader on this blog, you know that about once every quarter I get dramatic. I tell you how much I weigh, how terrifying it is, and how I’m going to change. I build myself up, only to fail a week down the road, blaming my lack of success on stress. I am tired of my own lethargy.

On my daily round-up of news, I noticed the JoyFit Club on Real people with real weight problems, who’ve taken control of their eating disorders, and lost the weight. Most of them were like me, using food to soothe a mental ache and not compensating with with activity. Except the only difference between these people and myself as of now, is that they’ve made the necessary changes in their lives and I’m still spouting excuses.

Failure is not an option.

There are goals I have:

1.) Fitting into an airplane seat without being uncomfortable.

2.) Going to Fenway and leaving without seat marks in my side.

3.) Treating myself to sky diving

4.) A trip to Italy.

5.) Going skiing again.

6.) Ultimately being healthy for myself and setting a good example for my kids.

So to guide me on my way — I need your help.

I’ve created the Twitter account: DidKateExercise. I would love it if you could find it in your heart to follow and if you don’t see a daily post by 9 p.m EST from me that I’ve done some exercise, either walking, weights, or ellipse machine, remind me or start the hate. I obviously can’t hold myself accountable in the first few days/weeks. I am hoping that once I get into this routine, I will need reminding less and less. Words of encouragement would be highly appreciated as well.

I’ve also made a binder full of some of the stories from the JoyFit Club. I’ve left the last few pages blank, waiting for my own success story. In the front, is the blog post I did on New Year’s Day as well, with all the words of encouragement from my friends. I put that in a place I see every day.

I’ve bought the iNike pedometer that fits with my iTouch as well. I have all these tools and it’s high time I start using them.

This is not going to be an easy road, but I’m hoping with your support, and your kind words and prodding that I can go really far. I promise to show the final result and post pictures of Italy, or a Red Sox game, or perhaps even a video of me jumping out of a plane.

I don’t need wishes of luck this time. I need wishes of do.

7 thoughts on “Failure Is Not An Option: Weightloss

  1. Vince says:

    Like Michelle, I’ve followed, but also like Michelle, I’m noticing Twitter is having an issue, since I’m not seeing you as one of the people I’m following. I’ll check later, and refollow if I have to.

    You go Kate!

  2. Great Ms. Kate, I’d be happy to be your long distance exercise partner and nag. 🙂 Let’s make it a positive journey, based on self respect and building strength and endurance, rather than an occasion of self bashing.

    And me, today? Walked 1.5 mi from the ferry to the office – and will walk the same in return this evening.


  3. Kate, we love you and want you to feel happy and healthy. Exercise can be a substitute soother of stress, and it only takes accountability and routine to make it something to look forward to. Don’t be too hard on yourself for failure. Start small and work towards the routine first. Little things help immensely and build up your awareness of your successes, which can be so easy to dismiss in favor of beating on yourself for failures.
    Feel good. Feel good about your progress and about yourself.

  4. I’m with you, hon, in every way, since I’m on this bandwagon, too. I’m doing Weight Watchers, and you should feel free to ping me if you want to compare notes on recipes, food ideas, etc.!

  5. durmiun/jason says:

    In the words of a great man, who swung an axe on a daily basis:

    “I chop you!”

    How is this supposed to help you, aside from making you smile like you do every time you think about them there good ol’ days? Because now, you get to say it, too. And mean it, at that.

    Every pound you lose is a pound you get to emphatically shout “I Chop You!” at. Every day you exercise is a day that you’ve furthered your goal in taking control of your life, and yourself.

    Chop ’em, Katercakes. Make Static proud 😛

    P.S.: God, I hate twitter. I hate the idea of twitter. I’m going to go register at twitter, and you can have the dubious honor of being the only person I follow.

  6. WendyB_09 says:

    Gosh, I feel like such a slug now! Had a long week with alot of extra hours and am in recovery today.

    BUT – good for you.
    I’m getting close to that point myself. I know I need to lose the weight, but haven’t quite gotten to the emotional tipping point that will get me started. So, you’ll be inspiration for me! Go Kate!!

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