I Reject Your Virtual Reality…

According to this article in The Escapist, virtual protests are cropping up everywhere from Second Life to World of Warcraft. Imagine my surprise when one of my hobbies was included in that list; the first person shooter, Counterstrike. While I applaud certain people for fighting for noble causes, I can’t express how annoyed I am at the same time. I paid $49.99 for the Orange Box. I pay a monthly fee for Internet access and I would like to use my valuable free time in a manner where I don’t feel like I’m being harassed. 

A good societal obliging woman like myself should be able to shoot the heads off of pixelated terrorists or zombies without having a peace sign shoved up my ass. 

Granted, I have yet to experience these protests online. Yet, should the experience occur, only two things will happen while these avatars lay down in the shape of heart or spam the channels with their hippie love fest. I will knife and/or shoot them and then I will teabag their dead and bleeding corpses. See, I don’t care about your agenda when I’m trying to blow off some steam.  That’s the thing isn’t it? I’m a productive member of society who finds ills and abuses just as sick and twisted as the next girl. I donate to charities and I’ve done a little marching myself in younger days. Yet, when I’m starting up a favorite video game to escape the crap that is happening on both a personal and global level, I don’t care to be reminded of anything outside my little four foot space. I am happy in my comfy chair, with  heavy beats thumping through my headphones and a large cache of weapons with which I can do substantial damage. This is my time.

I hate to say it, but I place these people on the same level as the jerkoffs who cheat and make any gaming experience miserable by not playing by the rules. Even in the chaos of staking out Pete for example and jamming a knife through his prone body, there are rules that one needs to follow in the gaming world. Even so, this new teamwork we’re seeing in the form of protests has no business interfering with the land of make believe. 

Didn’t these men and women learn anything from their childhoods? We must be able to seperate the world of fiction and fantasy from real life if only to maintain our sanity. As the lines between the real world and gaming continue to be blurred by people with their own agendas, I guess my definition of terrorist does too.

3 thoughts on “I Reject Your Virtual Reality…

  1. Vince says:

    It seems to me there are more than enough problems in the real world that these people could apply their time and resources towards.

  2. Nathan says:

    I will knife and/or shoot them and then I will teabag their dead and bleeding corpses.

    Just another great line among many. I deem this post excellent. (I’m the deemer…didn’t you know?)

    Also, you’ve redecorated. Looks nice!

  3. I agree with you insofar as something like WOW or Counterstrike is concerned, tho’ I don’t play either one. But Second Life? It’s not really a game, is it? It’s more of a… well… it’s more that it’s just lame, isn’t it?

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