Thoughts on Arlen Specter

This does not settle well with me and I’m pretty middle of the road when it comes to leanings.

I know I try to remain ignorant of everyday politicking, but this irks me just as it did with Lieberman. In Lieberman’s case, he couldn’t win the democratic nomination in CT, so instead of giving up, he thumbed his nose at the system, shook the gaming board and changed the rules. How can you justifiably face a constituency when you’ve been running on a different platform for your entire political career? Who buys that gold covered shit? Apparently the citizens of CT own stock in the BS business.

I’m convinced that while people happily partake in their franchise, a good portion of those dutiful citizens hold no clue about the person for whom they are voting. If the name sounds familiar, especially in small state races, there beside the recognizable  goes the  mark.

Idly I  wonder how many people given the chance could have made the government better, instead of leaving it to the current arrogant boys club. (Yes, Christopher Dodd, I mean you.)

It’s the  same thing with Specter. He spent his life as a Republican–how can he possibly justify throwing everything out on the premature fear that he won’t have a job next election. Maybe he should have looked at what he could have been doing differently to help his chances instead of hopping the fence.

Party switching in mid-term should never, ever be allowed. If a member of Congress decides his party is no longer his cup of tea,  I would like to see him drop his seat.  He must then designate his new party and run in an expedient election. Sure, this would cause the tax payers more money, but I would be pissed had I voted for a Republican only to have the winner play leap frog with his/her political leanings. IMO, a special election would be far more useful than the one million dollars we’re spending on improving the entrance to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum (who incidentally have millions of dollars in an account.) — (Thanks, Jesse for that lovely tidbit).

Honestly though, even if Franken is seated in MN, I think it’ll be a rare case where the Democrats actually have need to break a filibuster. This Democratic controlled congress has had trouble getting anything done in the past–why start now? It also means that the Democrats will need to unite for a common cause, and it’s pretty clear Nancy Pelosi has the rallying and people skills most commonly associated with the Pangolin. Not to mention that not all Democrats think alike–hell, some of them are sheep in wolves’ clothing.

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