Updated the Narration Page

For those of you who like your links, I’ve updated the podcast/audio narration page on this site. It now includes the new Clarkesworld Magazine audio narration and the poetry I read for Starshipsofa

Just an FYI – I have a few stories and poems coming up and I’ll post another little nugget here when I do see them in the wild. 

“Blow Job Red” by Laura Anne Gilman (for inclusion in Weirdsf.com)

“Fork Points” by Sheila Finch (For SSS)

“Black Holes” poetry by Mike Allen (for SSS)

“Epochs in Exile” poetry by Mike Allen (for SSS)

“The Strip Search” poetry by Mike Allen (For SSS)

“Journey to Kailash” poetry by Mike Allen (For SSS)

“Standing Room Only” by Karen Joy Fowler (For SSS)

“Zealotry in 3 Acts” by Peter Hodges (for his website)

With five more yet to be recorded. 🙂 I like this job and I always will. Thank you to those who’ve made it possible and continue to listen!

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