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…about utopias and happy endings.

 In light of the new version of Forever War by Joe Haldeman,  I got to thinking that there have been a limited amount of stories that left you with good feelings about the state of humanity or the future. So in an effort to spread the love, I thought I’d add a little hope and change into the mix.

However, once I started typing all that came dashing out of these cold fingers was prose I don’t think I could really live with: 

My utopia kicked your dystopia’s ass.

Butterflies and rainbows filled the sky in the world where everything was right and good and…uh, boring.

In the year 2012, the cure for AIDS was found. Realizing it’s dramatic importance in saving lives, not one pharma company charged a penny. (I omitted this on the pure basis that it’s just not believable, ever.)

“You’ve got your utopia in my dystopia!”
“Yeah, well you got your dystopia all up in my utopia. ”
New from Nabisco! Two great tastes that go great together, slightly deluded and watered down to make a simple reality.
 ( I actually liked this one.)

Realizing his mistake, HAL opened the airlock and allowed Dave and Frank to return to the ship unharmed. “I’m sorry for breaking your ship, Dave and I will not try to kill anyone again. I promise.” 

In the end of all days, the Shrike wore a coat made of down and capped the ends of his most pointy tree.

Got anything to add? 🙂

3 thoughts on “In Where I Write A Novel

  1. Nathan says:

    HAL held the dark and stormy night at bay and cheerfully passed out Hot Chocolate and ‘Smores.

    Dave said, “Dude. I love how you roll.”

  2. When the fallout finally stopped, and the nuclear winter ran its course, the sun rose on a bright new day… mundane North America had radioactively mutated into Oz. Candy, cakes and money grew on trees, dancing munchkins and flying monkeys greeted new arrivals, and evil witches, false prophets and economic disasters could be conquered with a good heart and a bucket of mop water.

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