My New Ride…


Yep. I went in with a 138 million of my closest friends and helped buy a new jet! Unfortunately, it only seats 12 of us at a time, but that’s not a problem, since we still have about 500 billion dollars left to spend on fuel for multiple trips!

Seriously Citigroup, WTF? 

This is almost as good as the auto executives showing up on Capitol Hill via separate private jets to ask for money.  I seriously have to ask if you start getting stupid once you hit your first million and then climb onwards. Why must hard working Americans continue to go along on these involuntary trips to retardville? Enough is enough!

Tell you what Citi, I’m gonna start collecting money from you guys every month for rental of my plane. I urge every citizen who pays taxes to send them a bill as well. 


2 thoughts on “My New Ride…

  1. Yeah, Citi, wipe away the credit card bill and I’ll be ok, for a little while.

    I’ll also need the plane to take on business trips, instead of flying the major airlines like just about every other American. Is there a sign up sheet somewhere? I hope for your sake that Feb. 17 is free.

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