It’s Peanut Butter Cookie Time!

It only happens once a year.

(Dramatic drum roll)

You think you can control it.

(More dramatic drum roll)

Yet as you look upon the wonderment of all, you feel your mouth salivate. In that one captivating moment, all your hopes and dreams come alive.

(Yet more dramatic drum roll ala 2001)

Okay, maybe I went a little far on that last one. I’m selling Girl Scout Cookies. I have two days to meet a goal of 100 boxes and I’m calling for help.

Yes. They are made from real girl scouts, and yes, they even taste better when left in a warm car. The same can not be said for milk or little old ladies.

I will even be accepting forms of payment through pay pal. They are four dollars a box, and go to help funding one of the fun and established groups in this country. My daughter joined them this year and is having a blast.

If you agree to purchase cookies and aren’t in my zip code, I will happily ship them. However, we need to act fast. This FRIDAY — 23rd, is the last day to order.

As always, thanks so much for your help and interest. I can’t wait to break open a box of Samoas in good time.

7 thoughts on “It’s Peanut Butter Cookie Time!

  1. You can actually either here or in a email to me (Yes, same from the UCF) let me know what you want. Cookies come in during the month of March and really, Paypal will be the easiest way to send the payment.

    You guys (and girls) are the greatest!

  2. Also — you can use the donate button on the right column of this website as well. It’ll take you right to my pay address. Just put down your order in the comment field. 😉

  3. Kate, I just sent you some money for six boxes – 3 Thin Mint, 2 Short Bread, 1 Tagalong.

    I included a bit extra for shipping and PayPal fees.


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